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Thread: How many comedians will be left for the final telephone voting?

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    How many comedians will be left for the final telephone voting?

    Well, I'm hoping 3, if it's 5 like last yr, then we might just see John upsetting some of the better comedians in the house, which is a bad thing. So I'm hoping they can have 7 H2H instead of just 5. If just 5, then it will probably be Tammy and Gary gone before the final voting.

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    Final 5 should be:


    If Dan Naturman got in, he could have replaced Kathleen in the F5.

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    I'm pretty sure it will be five, since they have already filmed it all, but the ratings are up, so they might like more episodes to draw it out.

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    Graham Headey
    It's five. They want the show wrapped up before the Olympics start.

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    new guy chimes in

    Just found this forum. Not bad at all. Nobody who lives around me watches the show so I have to resort to the net for discussion.

    As for this question, I'm gonna go with 5, because yeah, they want it wrapped up before the summer games, but theres gotta be a twist to make it different from last year's, just like Survivor changes each season to keep it "fresh".

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    Graham Headey
    Maybe they will narrow it down. They are doing three live shows starting the end of July, each one is followed by a reveal. Maybe they will do it similar to American Idol where the comics perform and they let the viewers vote for who makes it to the next performance.

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    Thanks for the welcome.

    As for narrowing it down, that would definitely be better than last year's one shot and it's over thing. At least there'd be some progression in sets so we can see who's improving and who's not, under the pressure of millions seeing you live.

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