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Thread: 7/6 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

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    I would have killed to see that whole roast. Alonzo KILLED and they trimmed him down to like 3 jokes. Just enough to let you know he was a contender but shield you from the FACT that he WIPED the FLOOR with everybody else.
    Actually, I think it was pretty obvious after only three jokes that Alonzo destroyed everyone else.

    The Katz producing both Ant and Gulman makes me wonder. Was Ant vs. Gary a manufactured thing? Or some kind of inter-promotional rivalry ("Barry likes me best!")?

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    Ant said it was manufactured, and that he liked Gary and had never even met him before he got in the house- but still, it's not like they can create the scenes of them out of nothing- Ant said he wanted him "bye bye" and Gary seemed to not like him in his scenes, so that could not have been faked-

    On Alonzo, frankly, I thought Alonzo's jokes about Jay were just variations of Jay's joke about himself being on the third guy on the evolutionary chart, I didn't think they were that original- it seemed to come from what Jay said about himself in his own act.

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