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Thread: 7/6 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

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    to cal's post.

    Alonzo was in a class on his own. I did like John's bit, but he wasn't nearly as good as Alonzo. Kathleen seems to be funny around the house, but I haven't been impressed with her sets.

    So far my favorites are John, Alonzo, and Cory. Tammy has made me laugh with her sets too, but I hope she comes up with new material. I loved her "children of the corn" reference.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wolf
    I didn't think Gary's set was that funny (granted I'm sure alot was edited out), so I wasn't really impressed with him. However, compared to Ant, Gary was a stellar comic.

    I loved Gary's comment, "The witch is dead!" Ant should've never made it into the house. The man should stick to being a bus tour guide.
    I also thought Ant was going to win. I thought it was all new stuff, and even if I saw the "Romanian Princess/American Queen" line coming, it was still delivered well. Then the evacuation of the airplane was well-done, in my opinion. However, I still wanted Gary to win because I'm sick of seeing Ant.

    Re: the tour bus thing ... HE MADE IT ALL UP!!! It was funner than all-get-out, but you can't believe anything that he says! If I'm on a tour bus and he's the guide ... I'm asking for my $ back.
    "Being famous does not make you a hero." Zeus in Hercules

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    Quote Originally Posted by pg13
    ...now waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaiit a minute!

    1) Did anyone else notice how different the "re-run" of last week's episode (before this week's show) was to the ACTUAL broadcast of last week? I don't remember them showing "comedy lowlight" snippets last week of comedians who did not advance after the tryouts. And was it just me or did they edit out the great "kitchen utensils infomercial" and give us the Glass & Heffron "storming out of the room" silliness? Did they announce that this would have all new scenes or did someone in the infomercial business complain? (Conspiracy theories abound!)
    Weird, PG...I Tivoed the rerun of the June 26th show on 7/3, and watched it again last night...the knife scene is there...no difference from original show???

    3) Ant did new (or, at the very least, previously unseen by people watching this show) material--shouldn't that make most of the people on this message board happy?
    Plus, his Roast joke was really funny (the one about the Queer Eye for the Straight Guy team rejecting the Jay London challenge.) Maybe not original?...but funny.

    5) Alonzo rocked the roast...he knew the format (hide your slams in the guise of praise) and he delivered the goods. Why is he siding with Tammy and Ant in the voting alliance?
    I love your explanation here..."slams in the guise of praise"...KUDOS!! Someone should have explained that a little better to Gary. I guess Kathleen took it a bit TOO much to heart.

    7) Kathleen is a very strong comic who hasn't shined in the house or in any of the challenges yet. One thing I've noticed about her stand-up is that she almost "talks right through" her jokes. Her wording takes her so long from the "aha" to the final thought that you wait too long to laugh at it.
    Ah, yes...Kathleen, the talk show host.

    8) I loved the roast because it put their writing skills to the test... I wish there were more of these type of challenges.
    Yes, yes, yes!!! I was thinking about starting a thread about what would be a good "challenge" for the show...but it's harder to come up with one than one might suspect.

    9) The comment regarding "Ant's not a good stand-up, but he should be in show business" actually reminded me of something that made me bristle in the preliminary rounds--where the Leno judge guys said that they weren't just looking for a good stand-up, but someone who would be good in a sitcom. Well...those are very different skills...and I don't see anyone doing any "acting" challenges on this show... Next Sitcom Star anyone?
    Remember last season's "pitch for a sitcom" challenge...was kind of fun.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SnowflakeGirl
    They did?!! What the heck? I hate it when networks pull that kind of crap. It was funny bit, too.

    Anyway, even though I did find Ant entertaining, all his Machiavellian machinations were growing tiresome and he deserved the comeuppance he got. His set was one looooong set-up for very little pay-off, so even Gary's lackluster Oreo jokes beat him handily.
    The rerun I saw here in Dhicagoland did have the knife scene (as I responded to PG13)...WEIRD!!

    "Machiavelian machinations"...I LOVE THAT!!! Very well put!

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    That's odd. Did it have the bit with the slamming doors too? It was my understanding that they replaced the infomercial with this.

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    Quote Originally Posted by erin_dye
    That's odd. Did it have the bit with the slamming doors too? It was my understanding that they replaced the infomercial with this.
    My Tivo of the rerun shown on 7/3 was identical to the original show.

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    first - what's the deal with the 'Katz' references??

    for people who expected to see todd glass's infomercial....it was in the re-run of last week's show...but the special hour re-cap before this week's show was not a re-run of last week's show, just the highlights with random snippets thrown in.

    alonzo did the best job roasting jay, but gary got shafted.....if you have seen an actual roast on comedy central, they have to bleep out an awful lot of stuff....and 'blue'??? the majority of the jokes are put-downs at a roast, and....especially if you are one of the first to roast, it is common to say a little something about your fellow 'roasters' before digging into the 'roastee'
    gary did the most 'realistic' roast....alonzo did the best job with quantity....john is always great, could go all the way.
    alonzo doesn't always seem comfortable in his delivery...john's uncomfortable challenge was from feeling guilty about having to beat his friend, since he didn't expect bonnie to challenge him, guess he was just trying to do as ant suggested and go with the herd so he wouldn't get trampled....
    jay's usually ok, but half of his act is recycled from schtick-guys of old, don't see that genre of humor winning out against john or alonzo
    dan naturman would definitely be one of the last 3 if he hadn't gotten a raw deal

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    I do think Gary got shafted a bit at the roast and the parts we saw of his material was hillarious. I think part of the problem was the Comedy Central roasts have comics who "made their bones" so to speak, on the east coast and things are a little tougher there than in the Hills of Beverly. And since he was judged by members of the Berverly Hills Friars vs the New York Friars, he got a little culture shocked.
    And what would that sound like DAG?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Graham Headey
    Very happy to see Ant go. No more listening to lame gay Jokes. Why can't he write new jokes. How hard can it be? They manage to do it for Will and Grace every week.
    Actually, it can be very hard if you haven't taken the time to study joke structure and comedy theory, which Ant has obviously not.

    Back when I did stand-up, I attended a weekend stand-up workshop outside L.A. One of the classes I attended was a writing workshop where the instructor was a staff writer for Caroline In The City. There were 12 of us or so, and he basically took us through a typical network sitcom staff writing session. We all went through a couple of scenes from that show which had already aired, line by line, and brainstormed over how to make each line funnier.

    Well, out of the 12 novice comics in that class, only 4 of us were regularly blurting out new dialogue. About half of it pretty funny, and the rest so-so. The other comics just sat there stupified. They had no clue how to WRITE jokes, or if they did, they were unable to do it quickly.

    Any comic who is naturally funny can learn the fundamentals of comedy writing. Unfortunately for them, but good for the rest... many are ignorant about where and how to obtain that knowledge.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pudman13
    He could
    be a reasonably entertaining side character on a TV show...
    He was a side character on a TV show.

    It was called UNHAPPILY EVER AFTER on the WB.
    Sort of a second-grade MARRIED... WITH CHILDREN, starring the voice of Bobcat Goldthwaite as an imaginary talking stuffed bunny named "Mr. Floppy."

    Ant had a small role as one of Nikki Cox's (the daughter) small posse of friends at school. He basically played himself with glasses.

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