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Thread: I saw Dat's Act in Vegas on 6/29

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    Good clip AE86. Dat's a good-natured guy, and a good sport. It seemed like Vos wasn't even trying to be funny.

    In defense of Dat, I remember last year's auditions. I liked his routine and was cheering for him to get into the house. But once in the house I didn't find him all that funny.

    Vos was the opposite. I didn't like his stand-up, but thought he was hysterical in the house.

    Which is why Mordal was my main man. He was funny onstage, as well as in the house.

    And I've never seen any of these guys live, so my opinions are based entirely on the show.

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    I saw Ralphie May tonight in Houston - good show. I didn't watch LCS last year, so I hadn't seen any of his act before. He was hilarious - very funny stuff. I think I stopped breathing at one point I was laughing so hard...

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    I was always impressed by Ralphie (though I've never seen any of them live). Ralphie's is the only routine from LCS which I can vividly remember (with the exception of Dat's, who did it so many times no one could forget it... no matter how hard I try). I'd like to see him live sometime.

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    You all should really try ot see him live (if you have 25 bucks to blow or happen to have free tickets). He has a lot of charisma and a good personality. He seems like a genuinely nice guy you can't help but root for-- at least that was the impression I got when I went to see him. He's certainly not the best talent out there, but he knows how to connect with the crowd and makes you cheer for him. I've never seen any of the other comics from last season's show perform live so I can't do a one on one comparison, but from what I saw, Dat did well, and I am happy for him

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