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    Quote Originally Posted by pg13
    I don't think I ever meant to suggest that "comedy=music" in every way...and in defending the general analogy I made, I risk throwing this whole thing WAY off topic...

    However, let me offer these specific anecdotes:

    ---Much like when a band begins to play a beloved hit song, the crowd cheers upon their recognition of it...I've seen comedy audiences cheer Jim Gaffigan when he goes into his "Manatee" bit. I've seen people nudge the person they're seating with, smile and nod when the bit starts. I've seen people "lip synching" the bit with Jim.

    --I've seen people leave shows of fairly well-known comics complaining that they didn't do the signature bit from their last special..."that's what they came to see."

    --As far as Beatles Tributes bands go, two words--"Gallagher II."

    --There ARE comics who do impressions of other comics--even doing those comics material!

    As someone who worked for many years in the music industry before beginning to do comedy, the fact is that not everyone likes "music" because of its musical properties--some people like the "comfort" of what they've seen/heard before; and that is the same with comedy--some people like it to share something they already know that they like...

    This is why certain comedy albums cell, certain HBO specials still get high ratings on repeat viewings...and why certain cult comics, especially character or prop comics, can build an entire career on one never-changing act. (John Pinette--we get it, you're hungry!)

    I still love hearing music from bands that challenge me...and I love comics who are constantly working new material... That doesn't mean that's what other people want from their music or their comedy...in fact, statistics indicate that what sells in both comedy and music is what people already know and what they already like...or seems like something they already like, not something new or fresh.

    Otherwise, how could Mike Myers have a career?


    PS--I can't even remember why I compared music and comedy, so maybe we just let this drop?
    I really don't have anything of great social import to contribute, just had to once again comment on how well you say what you say, PG...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Krom
    Well then the real target of your anger is clear--the editors and producers of this show--with honorable mention to Jay Mohr and HIS crappy comedy.
    Well, I'll admit that Jay Mohr's little warm-up bits have been pretty lame, but I really do like the guy. I think his initial intentions regarding LCS were good, if not entirely honorable.

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