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Thread: 6/29 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

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    Talk about serendipity...

    I'm sitting here, browsing through the LCS board, and TOUGH CROWD with Colin Quinn is on the TV in the background.

    Suddenly, I hear one of the comics use the "N-word." My interest is piqued, due to the recent discussion here of its use, and the word starts flying out of every comic's mouth like sunflower seed husks. One of the comics is black, and he is using it as much as anyone, and NOT becoming offended at all. Why not?

    Because nobody is using the word as an insult or as a label to black persons. They are simply discussing the word itself, and all are mature enough, or thick-skinned enough, or both, to engage in a very interesting and heated debate on the issue without letting it get personal.

    On LCS last night, the narrative inferred that Ant used the N-word, but never suggested he "called" Corey the n-word. And since Corey did not immediately clean Ant's clock in response, it would seem more than likely that Ant was merely using the word as the subject of a discussion, rather than as a hurtful moniker. I like Corey's comedy a lot, but I think he way overreacted to the word which was obviously taken out of context. And further evidence of this is how quickly he accepted Ant's apology later. After thinking about it, he realized Ant was not calling him a name, but simply discussing the word itself, and it was therefore illogical for him to feel offended.

    Yes, words can be dangerous at times, and that's why children should not be allowed to use them. But when a person grows up and demonstrates enough maturity to not use certain words -- or other weapons -- irresponsibly, then our reactions to their responsible use should demonstrate an equivalent level of maturity.

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    Navycake, I observed the same thing last night on Tough Crowd. It was refreshing to see them get what happened and the difference between name calling and discussion.

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