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Thread: 6/29 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

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    Graham Headey
    I can't stand Ant. He seriously makes me want to quit life. It doesn't take scooby-doo to figure out he's not a very good comic. How many gay jokes can one person do for the love of god Ant at least mix in some hacky bit about wearing a thong backward's. I would rather watch Rosanne Barr and Louie Anderson make out then endure another tired set from him. He is definitely this years Dat Phan.

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    Holy Smokes! Todd Glass lost to Tammy! I thought Todd was funnier. I would have liked him to stay longer only to annoy Ant. Next week it's obviously Ant versus Corey on stage!

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    I hope Corey takes down Ant!! Best quote of the night "I don't need an alliance. I AM the alliance!"- Corey
    Here's to the two lone wolfs, Heffron and Corey.

    Alonzo seems naturally composed so I'm not surprised he didn't say anything when Ant used the "N" word. I'm pretty sure he used it after reading Corey's lips. As an African-American, I hear it used in conversation and I wince. I don't even like it when it's being used to address friends, because of its connotations.

    Ant just used it to get a rise out of Corey, who I believe he sees as a threat. Even at his worst, like on the tour bus, he gets a few random people to chuckle. Ant knows he's weak on stage, and that Corey's on.

    Regardless, Ant should never have said that word. I don't know if his apology was sincere, nor do I know the context in which the word was used. I can only take it as Corey took it after Ant's apology. Corey was definitely the bigger man.

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    shoes? who needs shoes?? barefootdyke's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by happy bull
    Did anyone else notice how when Ant (supposedly) said the 'N' word (since we never heard the word) it pissed off Corey (who is black), but not Alonzo (who is also black)? It kinda makes me wonder seeing as the African American community gets pretty mad whenever someone uses the 'N' word like Ant (supposedly) did. I mean, why wouldn't Alonzo get pissed off at hearing someone use the 'N' word like that... especially in his presence?

    some people don't get as upset as others, i think. as anyone can see by my screen name, i don't have a problem calling myself dyke (for me, it's empowering because i've been told i'm anything BUT a "dyke" lol). i just choose to not get offended if someone calls me a derrogatory name. i have bigger battles to fight. but unlike ant, i would never use the n word because i can understand how much it hurts. it's all about respect for other people.
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    right behind you
    I have to admit that I haven't read every post here in this thread yet. It's too early.

    Sorry if I'm repeating

    I thought Tammy was funnier than Todd. Her presentation flowed while Ron's was "jerky", like he couldn't find a rhythm.

    Although I thought the infomercial was funny and he did seem calmer in the house this week, overall he bugged me.

    What we have to remember is: even if Tammy’s material is old to us; this show was filmed in Feb/March. She is smart to use bits she knows get a laugh. Since we vote at the end, she’ll have to come up with something new to please us.

    Ant got on my nerves.

    Loved... LOVED that hefron came in saying he'd vote however the hell he wanted to. He's adorable AND funny
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    Quote Originally Posted by barefootdyke
    but unlike ant, i would never use the n word because i can understand how much it hurts. it's all about respect for other people.
    But that's exactly why he used the term. This is the impression of the conversation that I got. Glass used the term "fag" or its equivalent at some point. Ant heard that, blew a gasket and tried to tell Glass that that word was a hateful, derogatory term that he shouldn't use. In support of that argument, he made the analogy to the n word. Why? Because it's a word that everyone agrees is a hateful, derogatory term that should never be used. If he can convince him that it's similar, he made his point.

    Personally, that's why I thought Alonza didn't get mad. Ant really didn't actually use the term in conversation. Basically, he was trying to highlight the characteristics of the word that make it so offensive and unusable. In some sense, he was doing exactly the opposite of what Corey was accusing him of. In other words, he wasn't nonchalantly using an offensive term; rather, he was paying respect to exactly how terrible a term it is and that "fag" (or whatever word it was) should be considered similarly.

    Personally, I thought Corey overreacted and it snowballed a bit, but Ant's such a wienie that I didn't mind all that much.

    btw, that episode was extremely boring. If they keep this up, they'll need to rename the show to "Last Audience Member Watching" because I don't think endure much more of this.

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    FORT Fogey
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    BobDobolina, that is how I saw the incident as well. Ant did not call anyone the n word, in fact he aknowlegded how terrible it was. That was his point. He was so flustered at Corey's reaction that he did not explain, clearly, then or in his apology the point he tried to make. He could only say he was sorry he used the word at all. So I guess in Corey's book you cant say.........."the word "n" is bad and wrong". That would be using the word.

    I thought Corey was out of line. He chose to go off rather than actually hear what Ant said. Corey was not addressing the point that it is hard to compare the plight of gay vs black in this society, which is a subject in itself. He just decided to freak at the word.
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    Bobdob and Dogbat, I also got the same impression.
    Of course they didn't show how the word was used in context, which they should have, but even Corey himself admitted that he over-reacted.
    Sometimes I wonder if they purposely don't show us exactly what happened (as with Tammy and Bonnie, and in this case) to try and create discussion and controversy. Because lets face it, without these discussions...

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    to Bob, Dogbat and touque.

    I noticed during that whole to-do that Todd was pretty quiet for once...at least he's smart enough to shut up when he knows he f'd up, since he started the whole thing.

    Well, you won't catch me crying over Todd. He was a pain in the ass and I found his standup to be a total snooze. So Pescatellli isn't "hard to follow", huh? :phhht

    Other than that, Ant certainly did make a wonderful tour guide...for the first few mintues, I actually thought he was giving the people actual, real facts I did love the bit about the tunnels under Dolly Parton's house.
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    FORT Fogey
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    This seemed a huge controversy and I think we saw it all. They apologized but there are still hard feelings. The promo says rivals or enemies go against each other and leads us to believe Corey and Ant are up. I assume Ant is voted and chooses Corey.

    I dont think either one of them are entertaining. Corey is inarticulate, coarse and a bully. Ant is boring and predictable though he did a good job with the challenge. The contest was to get votes for most charismatic tour guide and he did. They did not say to do your material.

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