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Thread: Bonnie McFarlane, Contestant

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    Quote Originally Posted by John
    Who is your comic inspiration? Margaret Cho
    That my friends is why Bonnie sucks.

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    personally, I thnik they cut out all the bad jokes, or less then decent.. they each get equal amount of air time.. I personally found Bonnie much funnier.. but I think that what happened was, that was the core of Bonnie's jokes.. where as John has some other jokes that were more amusing.. if Bonnie got a really dull response otherwise and John got constant uproar, the audience is going to respond to it too.. things are more funny when others are laughing too.. at least I think so.. so this could have been a deciding factor in her departure..

    As for Bonnie, I actually liked her.. I thought she was jsut trying to poke fun at Tammy rahter then turn it into this huge thing.. she was just joking... Tammy took it as an insult and is stupidly obnoxious about it.. Though I do agree with the general concensus, she probably wouldn't have won, but I thought she deserved to stay longer..
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    Quote Originally Posted by CHACH
    Well, Bonnie was smart enough to realize that she could beat Ant and Tammy, but not smart enough to challenge them. She had to know that she had absolutely no chance against Heffron. Maybe she just wanted to go home.
    Did you forget that she "likes to sabotage" herself, Chach?

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    I agree with the folks that felt that Tammy's reactions to Bonnie were way out of line. I felt sorry for Bonnie last night. I love how she told Tammy off after the voting when Tammy kept going after her; Bonnie wasn't DOING anything to Tammy, Tammy was just being rude and crude.

    I also like how she commented on several of the contestants she didn't pick. Specifically dissing Ant by saying picking him would be too easy, and showing respect to Kathleen by admitting she couldn't beat her.

    I wish the young lady well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Krom
    For all the flack she takes, I think it's hard to argue that her answer to "What was your worst stand-up gig ever" is reasonably classy. She's not ducking responsibility, whining, arguing... you know, the things that make us LOATHE reality contestants.
    Poor Bonnie...that "C" word(s) must have been "Classy Chick"

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    Quote Originally Posted by orcus116
    That my friends is why Bonnie sucks.
    Well, just because she has poor taste in comic influences doesn't necessarily mean she is terrible. Bonnie is only OK and would have done better to humiliate Ant or Tammy on stage rather than in the house. Tammy would have been out, Ant might have been a little tougher. Too bad, Bonnie wasn't that great but she was cute and interesting.

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    Tammy was an idiot and Bonnie handled it just fine. Out of last nights episode...the one thing I 'got' from it was I won't be rooting for Tammy to win.
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    Bonnie's cool...

    Bonnie seems laid back, easy going, a fun girl to hang out with. She's got a kinda dry sneaky type of humor. I think she should have challenged Aunt/Ant whatever...If I hear him tell that Scooby Doo joke again I'm gonna slit my wrists...
    What was he thinking telling that joke in the laundrymat...it was not really funny, especially in that setting. The point was to make people laugh, not DO your act.

    Bonnie didn't "kill" in the laundrymat either, but she's cooler to keep in the house. After all Bonnie and Tammy were picked not just for their comdey but becuase they're both very attractive...So why loose that on the first elimination?
    Ant didn't make it the first time...So why this time...Oh maybe becuase he and Gary's manger is Barry Katz, the Executive Producer of LCS.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sdog1973
    Bonnie [...]should have challenged Aunt/Ant
    But she said she had vowed in advance not to challenge any of the women!!

    The "Aunt" was funny, Dog!

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    It's sad to see Bonnie go this quick but she was defenitley the weakest comic there. Her and Ant, if she had challenged Ant she probably, maybe, could have beat him, but that's it. She couldn't have beaten anyone else. That's not to say she didn't deserve to be in the house, she did, she was just the weakest of the bunch. Still sorry to see her go.
    And what would that sound like DAG?

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