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Thread: Jay London, Contestant

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    Jay(London) was on The Tonight Show. I just saw the end of his gig.
    It's nice to see Leno give them a chance.

    btw Jay should have a web site.

    Thank You

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    I saw Jay on the Tonight Show. I may be wrong, but it didn't seem like the crowd was really into him. He did the thing where he starts repeating the joke because the audience didn't laugh, a lot. He ended one of his last jokes with a shrug. Altough, I found a lot of his jokes hilarious.

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    I think Jay hurt himself with the "its almost over" and "please like me" parts. He was basically saying himself he wasn't funny and just looking for pity. Repeating the jokes also hurt him. His style doesn't really compare to others and many people don't get him. Too bad hes gone so early but best of luck to him.

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    Diva Di
    I'm a newbie here, too. I just joined a couple of days ago.

    Jay London impresses me as a "what you see is what you get" kind of fellow.
    I don't think the hair and clothes are an act. I think it is simply him. I also think he is the type of person who doesn't have the need or drive to "be on" when he is not on stage which is why some have commented that he is either not funny or boring while in the house. I also feel improv is not his type of comedy. He is a thinker. I bet he takes hours working on new material. My hunch is comedy is not funny (or perhaps I should say fun) to him. It is work...a work he loves but it is work nevertheless.

    I admire Jay London. I appreciate his work and think he's very appealing on many levels. Unlike some at the house, Jay doesn't have the need to prove himself, show off, be the center of attention, manipulate others or have his ego petted. He just seems like a very decent guy. How refreshing.

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    Jay was creepy and pathetic. Just pathetic. It's not funny to see a guy saying to people in the audience, "Don't worry, you'll never see me after tonight. Please like me, please like me!"

    It was pathetic.

    I actually laughed out loud at a couple of his lines but my overall sense was one of disgust that he had so little self confidence.

    Jay's utter lack of self-confidence isn't funny to me -- it just encourages me to not have any confidence in him, either!

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    Jay's website

    Quote Originally Posted by PSi
    jays' the best. is there a website for him or a way to find out where he's performing?
    I just finished his website at JayLondonLive
    we'll be updating it with his shows as soon as this whole 'Last Comic Standing' thing if finished... And He Wins!?!?

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    Quote Originally Posted by John

    Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

    "You might recognize me, I'm the fourth guy from the left on the evolutionary chart."

    Who is your comic inspiration?

    My favorite comic was a fellow named Jackie Vernon. He was sort of rotund to look at, but as far as comedy he was an oddball. He made me laugh. As a youngster I was watching comedy. I liked Leonard Barr, who was supposedly Dean Martin's uncle. He was about 6'8" and weighed 90lbs. Those two and the great Buster Keaton were inspirations.

    When did you know you were funny?

    It just happened a few days ago! Really, just a few days ago, based on the stamp that people are now putting on me.

    What was your worst stand-up gig ever?

    I did a Showtime at the Apollo outdoor rap concert and I had things thrown at me. Soda cans etc. The show was in the real 'hood and I was doing off the wall jokes. Legendary comic Ralph Cooper had to cover me with his raincoat! Another time, I was doing an act in a bar in Redhook Brooklyn, on the waterfront. These guys kept saying "your motha" and other things under their breath. They just kept badgering me. It was one of the few times I lost my on-stage persona and a little Mike Tyson came out!

    Tell us a little more about yourself - hobbies, annoying habits, pet peeves etc.

    Sometimes I don't look like the cleanest guy, but people who litter bother me!

    I just finished his website at JayLondonLive
    we'll be updating it with his shows as soon as this whole 'Last Comic Standing' thing if finished... And He Wins!?!?

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    Jay London Interview

    Jay London has a nice long interview over at heylady. Check it out. It's funny and for those who dont' think Jay can be very improvisational and off the cuff, this interview proves otherwise IMHO. Thanks Jay for being an inspiration to all us laid-back, offbeat comics!
    Jammer Bicks

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    Oo Bubbles oO
    Jay London shouldn't have been voted out in the first place, The girls knew that his was funnier then them, and they just wanted to take him out early

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    I saw this for the first time on Tuesday and Jay's seriously a Mitch Hedberg rip-off. I'm not just talking about the random, one-liner bits...but the whole "that joke failed" and sudden laughter thing are direct-rips of Hedberg.

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