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Thread: Jay London, Contestant

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    I almost cried last night for poor Jay. I really really like him. OH..........Happy Birthday Maggirwn. 40 isn't so bad.
    "People are strange, when you're a stranger" - Jim Morrison

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    Diva Di
    As entertaining as Dat Phan could be, when the rubber meets the road, Dat is a one trick pony. I'll never understand why he won LAST COMIC STANDING last year. I absolutely adored Rick but he didn't make top 5. Rick reminds me of Jay London. Both use their incredible intelligence and a dry sense of humor to make for some winning comedy.

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    Diva Di
    Heavens to Betsy! Jay cut or comb his hair? As dishoveled as he looks, I think that is not only a part of his stage persona but a part of his personal charm. What can I say? I think he's a cutie.

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    What was Gary talking about?

    What did Gary mean when he said Jay has been through a lot of adversity in his life? I can't find an information at all on Jay London.

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    I can't believe it Jay London out? what was that audience thinking?

    I can't believe gary beat the two people who are clearly more funnier than he is....

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    angrydave, my guess would be that someone like Jay London would have trouble fitting into a "normal" society, and has probably had many struggles in that sense... but it's just a guess.. I really have no clue.

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    this should be fun....
    anyone have any ideas what line of work jay london would be in if he wasn't a comedian and had to have a real 'day job'?

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    Apparently, he used to be a boxer/sparring partner (for boxers preparing for a big fight).

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    Yes I believe I mention several days ago that among many other jobs he was a professional boxer, it was on some trivia thing from TV Barn. I would imagine he's had the same crappy jobs most of us have had at one time or another to pay the bills. It's hard to have to keep a "day" job when you love something so much and want to do it like he obviously loves his comedy.

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    Diva Di
    Gee, I for one hope Jay is 54. I'm 50 and single and ready to mingle. ;-)

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