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Thread: Jay London, Contestant

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    Quote Originally Posted by heidi0813
    Normally, I can at least see your side, Krom, even if I don't agree with you. This comment, however, doesn't make sense. If a comedian like London can fall into three categories of why people might not like him, how could he possibly win? Obviously, there's something people like about him, though it is beyond me, but your'e simply citing more reasons NOT to. Yet, he won the wild card...
    Where did I say he was going to win because I made those comments? I'm only talking about WHY some people seem to like him quite a bit and others just DON'T even a little. I don't think he stand a chance of winning. Even I like Alonzo more than him, and I'm relatively a fan of his.

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    Many of the greatest comedians or comedians/actors polarize audiences. It's just how it is. Some prefer wit, others physical comedy, still others humor that's blue. Jim Carrey, Adam Sandler, Will Ferrell...some people detest them but they manage to bring in the crowds regardless. What really matters is that you find what works best for you, and keep going.

    I'm glad Jay is here this season. I admittedly had little comedic knowledge (Stephen Wright, Emo Phillips) and like his choice to do this type of comedy. I grew up in the age of Coreys and Alonzos, biting social commentary and/or gender jokes, so Jay's puns are a welcome change for me. Heffron is my favorite, but I've enjoyed Jay every night. IMO, he deserves to be there.

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    After Jay's last two performances, I have really been rooting for him. I'd love to see him win the thing, but I don't see it happening. I hope he goes to the top three. I'd like to see more from him.

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    I didnt think he was that funny the other night

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    Each time I see Jay perform, I like him more and more. Hated him at first and now I Enjoy his comedy.

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    I Just Found Out The Winner's Of Tonights Competition! See The "ooh Ooh I Know Who Won" Thread For The Answer!

    This Is Not A Joke.

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