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Thread: Corey Holcomb, Contestant

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    Quote Originally Posted by happy bull
    hurray for new jokes!!!!!!

    Whether you find him funny or not (which I do by the way), you've got to give the man credit where credit is due. Corey took what might be one of the worst places to do a comedy gig and totally owned that moment. Whereas most (if not all of the comics... i cant quite remember) of the comics simply went into their regular comedy act, Corey was able to genuinely find humor in an otherwise humorless situation and use it to his advantage. Isnt that what comedy is about in the first place? For me, Corey being able to find humor in the moment just adds on to his likeability.
    Quote Originally Posted by Shazzer
    Corey adapts to the crowd easily, and starts pumping the mostly female crowd for man info. He wants to know if they’re lookin’ for a man, because they’re at a Laundromat at 9 o’clock at night. He offers himself up to the ladies post-show, and many of the women in the Laundromat giggle it up.
    Hmmmmm....after further consideration after reading Shazzer's recap, it occurred to me that we may be showering Mr. Holcomb with undeserved praise and adoration here.

    I believe that "in truth," Corey Holcomb had also kind of "choked," went into a momentary traumatic state of shock from which he mostly recovered, but was left with temporary amnesia, during which he totally forgot he was on LCS2 and up next to perform.

    Sooooo...what we actually were witnessing was Corey Holcomb just being himself...behaving precisely the way he does every Wednesday night while doing his own laundry. It just came natural to him, and he just kep' smilin' because he was pretty used to getting that same reaction.

    But we musn't feel too bad about none of these ladies taking him up on his offer for male companionship...the solitary laugh I saw won him a Fabulous Ski Trip for 2 to ASPEN, CO...etc., etc.!!!

    (All in good fun, folks!)

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    Corey has dropped to last place for me. He could probably win a head-to-head with several of the remaining comics, because he is very funny in small doses. But his "ghetto" humor is as tiring as Ant's Scooby-Doo line.

    I don't think Corey would win in a head-to-head with Alonzo--but audience demographics would play a factor there. The audience demographics would also play large in a head-to-head between Corey and John Heffron (IMNSHO).

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    da huffinator
    I hope Corey goes next week, he's really getting on my nerves with his cockiness. "I am the alliance.." please give me a break.

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    Corey is my favourite, he is a comedian he was joking when he said that. Even if he isn't joking he is still funnier than the whole alliance. I think it should come down to Corey, Alonzo, John Heffron and Kathleen. They to me are the funniest and deserve the title.

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