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Thread: John Heffron, Contestant

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    Quote Originally Posted by AIer_admirer
    I agree. He calmed his nerves. I think Regis & Kelly is a more relaxed show, and he just seemed so thankful to be there. I always love his "mystery bruise" joke. Good job John!
    I love the "mystery bruise" joke too!! And I can sorta relate to the clothes basket down the stairs thing -- when we were kids we used to slide down the stairs on our butts (no clothes basket). I enjoyed the interview part on Regis and Kelly much more than the one on Leno. I really hate when Leno (or anyone) "interviews" comics and the answers they give are just part of their routine :phhht He was still silly on R and K but we got to see more of the "real" John. I thought it was interesting to hear him say how much harder it is to do a 4 or 5 minute set as opposed to the normal 50 minute club set. And one final observation -- even though I've heard his material several times now, I've noticed it's not exactly the same each time. I have seen comics who don't change it up at all. John is already proving he definitely deserved to win LCS2

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    I don't know if it was mentioned here,but John appeared on The Howard Stern show this morning,and though I never watched the show,I liked him immediately. He seemed humble and handled Howard pretty well which is not always easy to do. He mentioned that the only 'prize' that you really win from the show (besides the exposure) is a development deal. I thought there was some cash prize,at least.
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    John Heffron on reading the show's message boards: "People hate me so much!...I wish every profession had a message board. It would be like, "The girl at that Gap is the worst worker ever!"

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