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Thread: Ant, Contestant

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    You're right, I shouldn't have put Corey in that category. Also, I'll bet Alonzo is capable of non-racial material, and I'll bet he's done some in the compeition that we might not have seen. But also, I'll bet Ant is capable of non-gay material. We may or may not see any on the show, but Ant said in his profile during his talk about his worse stand-up experience "when I got to my gay material" which leads me to believe that he has other material.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maveno
    Now that would be funny.

    This guy is so painfully unfunny.

    He wasn't funny last year, he isn't funny this year.
    I hope he gets challenged soon.
    "That's Numberwang!"

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    colby, I'll give Ant the benefit of the doubt for a while longer. Mainly because I like your avatar.

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    Maybe I'm giving him too much credit, I don't know . . . but thanks about the avatar!

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    I also like Ant. I don't think he's the funniest in the house, but what he does he does well, in my opinion.

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    If I have to hear "Recognize the accent? Yep, San Francisco!", one more time....

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    If they felt obliged to have a gay guy in the house they should have called Carson Kressley. At least he's funny.

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    Quote Originally Posted by colby_d
    Ok, it looks like I'm being cast as the "Ant Defender". I mean, I realize that 99.9999999% of his set is gay jokes, but all I've heard from Alonzo so far are black jokes. .
    Alonzo had that great joke about camping "why work all year so that you can pretend to be homeless for a week?"
    And I've heard all those jokes before from just the drunk sitting next to me at the bar. (and its been a good 8 years since I lived in San Francisco) I haven't heard one new gay joke from Ant. Nothing that makes me think. While he does make me laugh once in awhile, I do wish he'd mix it up a bit.
    And, in his defense, my GOD! The homophobia! Will someone please tell Corey he is not all that. Its a good think Ant has that exoskelton.

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    I wouldn't care if Ant did only gay jokes if he did original and funny ones. It's odd that he used a lot of the same material that wasn't funny enough last year, but all of a sudden this year that same material is funny enough to get him into the house. Maybe his jokes are like wine and they get funnier with age.

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    I thought he was Hilarious and was LMAO, But that was years ago at the same Material he is using now. I am already sick of his jokes and we have a loooong ways to go till the end.

    Get some new material for the love of god.

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