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Thread: Ant, Contestant

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    Ant's censored joke

    Did anyone figure out what Ant said that got bleeped? Something about Asian men and brown rice???

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    Whatever it was, i'm sure it wasn't funny.

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    Ant has a goofy appeal, at least when he's not flinging around racial ephithets & in hysterical gay-man mode. I admit, I laughed at some of his jokes--'You hold her down, I'll do her nails!' and the gay flight attendant bit. That is, I laughed the first time. The second or third time I heard him deliver those same jokes with the same pursed-lip expression, I wasn't amused, just irritated.

    I have sympathy for Ant--it can't have been easy growing up as a gay Greek-American in Londonderry, New Hampshire. All the more reason why he could have scads of hilarious material that has nothing directly to do with being gay.

    I dunno--I have a feeling that Ant possibly makes other gays very uncomfortable by putting his sexuality so front and center. He's human first and gay second . . .too bad the first aspect doesn't inform more of his comedy.

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    Two words: Ant Phan.

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    I thought it was strange that both Ant, Jay London, and Bonnie used material they had used before. They knew this was a wild card show, and that America has seen that material. They also had months to come up with new stuff... Corey seemed aware that he needed new material, and Todd did also. The others...?

    I'm not crazy about Ant, but would have taken anyone else over Jay London for the wild card.

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    Quote Originally Posted by zapata
    But I don't know about Ant, I'm gay and I don't think people's dislike of him is because of that- and he doesn't make it a minor part of his act, it's been almost his whole act, even last night, half the act was that- I think it's him, I don't think it's because he's gay, I don't think people think his gay jokes are that funny, neither do I sometimes and i'm gay myself so i don't think that's it.
    Actually, the fact that he's gay earned him points in my book. But he squandered the fag hag vote by being unoriginal and uninspired on stage, and by being a royal bitch in the house.
    "Totalitarianism demands, in fact, the continuous alteration of the past, and in the long run probably demands a disbelief in the very existence of objective truth." George Orwell

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