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Thread: Ant, Contestant

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    Just want to say, Gary would have been in trouble against Tammy/Todd last week, he is just not much funnier than those 2. Why do I want to mention this?
    Because had ANT NOT WON last time, he would have been gone.
    His jokes are just not that funny, and I dont like his setup leading to his jokes.

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    You don't find Ant funny, and that's fine. I didn't find Gary funny at all. I didn't laugh at a thing he said, but that's just me. I found Ant very funny and he's someone I would pay to see. It's all a matter of preference.

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    Quote Originally Posted by erin_dye
    Did anyone else see some pointlessness in Ant choosing Gary in the voting booth? If Ant had picked somebody else, he still would have gone up in the head-to-head because him and Gary would have been tied.
    True. But he didn't know that when he sat down in the booth to vote. He was probably worried about making sure Gary had enough votes to go on stage that night. He knows that his alliance doesn't have the clear majority.

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    It was pretty obvious it was going to end in a tie, though, if Tammy did not vote for Gary and I'm sure she told Ant she wasn't. I agree with a previous post, I think Ant was hoping Gary would not pick him if he voted for him as some sort of gesture of him doing it when he said he wouldn't. Ant ruined his set with the "Bush" joke, it just wasn't funny.

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    Just noticed that on Dennis Miller's show on CNBC tonight at 9:00 EST, they've listed "comic dismissed from Last Comic Standing." I'm going to assume that means Ant. I believe it will also repeat at midnight.

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    I think Ant is a funny comedian, but Gary is funnier than him

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    I saw Ant on Dennis Miller- he was actually quite good and the audience really liked him- I wish he had been more like that in the house, though, instead of the serious "Alliance" thing- he has a new show on VH1- looks like he will be okay coming out of it all- good for him.

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    I taped the episode and just got to see it today, but he was really funny, but I think that's what a lot of people have noticed. His material isn't top-notch, but he is very witty and has a great personality. That's why he appears on those VH1 commentary-based shows like "Awesomely Bad . . . " and "A to Z" (he's also really good on "To Tell The Truth"). I also think he has a great talk show host personality.

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    Lord, though, I couldn't bear having to sit through the first 45 minutes to get to him, Dennis Miller was dreadful and he used to be funny- some of that was painful- it was like a Daily Show wannabe. He tries too hard- some of it was awful-

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    I saw the show where Ant was challenged and lost.

    I thought that he was a little better than that others guy. This timing was right on and he had a great rapport with the audience!

    Bye Ant and the best of luck to you! I hope that we get to see/hear more from you in the future.

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