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Thread: Alonzo Bodden, Contestant

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    Alonzo Bodden, Contestant


    Hometown: Long Island, NY

    "I love black women, but I like white women too. That's why I can't hate white men. 'Cause we need them for breeding."

    Who is your comic inspiration?

    My biggest comedy influences are: Bill Cosby - the funniest of all time; Robin Harris - pure attitude; and George Carlin - he makes you laugh and think, that's the ultimate.

    When did you know you were funny?

    I guess I always knew I was funny. I wasn't the class clown type. I was the guy whose snide comments made the people around me laugh. I kept a straight face and watched them get in trouble. When I was teaching at McDonald Douglas, that's when I found I could make groups laugh. The class was a good audience. From there, after one more layoff, I found the comedy stage. I haven't thought about honest work since.

    What was your worst stand-up gig ever?

    I wish I could remember the name of it. It was an open mike night at a bar in Van Nuys. I don't think they knew comedy was going on. We were interrupting their drinking and TV. A dog walked in and I swear he got more love than we did! I guess he was a regular. Then there was the Manhattan Proper, a bar in the neighborhood I grew up in. This was in the Def Jam era and I was trying a clean set that I was doing for The Apollo. Mind you, I had 1 year in comedy. They crucified me, booed me off stage! Look at me now. Guess I'm funny after all.

    Tell us a little more about yourself - hobbies, annoying habits, pet peeves etc.

    I'm from St. Albans, Queens in New York. Of course now I've lived more than half my life in LA and consider that home. I love LA but I'm still a hometown fan, Knicks and Mets!

    I guess my most annoying habit is smoking. I'm working on it, sorry.

    My biggest Pet Peeve is people who can't seem to count to ONE getting on planes with carry-ons. That's right, the sign says ONE. Not all you can carry. Not everything you own, just one. They should just throw the extra bags away. I mean launch them right off the jetway. Let that happen a few times and the concept of ONE will be understood. I used to hate SUVs but with Bush's tax cut I may be buying one (it's deductible). So if I buy one and hate them, I hate myself... then it's back to therapy.

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    He is my favorite remaining. His Bed Bath & Beyond jokes were so funny.

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    I like him on stage, but so far off stage he hasn't been that funny. I hope he loosens up a little next week.

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    He seems to have a really strong drive. He and Gary have been jotting down things in their little notebooks. Maybe they learned that from Dat?

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    Quote Originally Posted by AIer_admirer
    He seems to have a really strong drive. He and Gary have been jotting down things in their little notebooks. Maybe they learned that from Dat?
    Don't forget London has his scary notebook too.
    He's my favorite, mainly because his jokes are the ones I remember - other jokes may make me laugh harder in the moment but his have sticking power.

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    If John doesn't win this I'm betting that Alonzo does.

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    I'm not liking him, but he's the only one I was familiar with before this show started. I've seen him on Comedy Central, and thought he was okay. Better than he's been on LCS.

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    I believe Alonzo was on Star Search two years ago, but I don't remember whether he won. I DO remember liking him a great deal. He seems to have style in addition to some VERY FUNNY material.

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    He's one of my favorites. I would definitely like to see him go to the final five. He's got a special 'it' factor that makes me want to watch him, unlike other comics who entirely repel me by making songs that sound like they're 5 with a gallon of ice cream in tow (here's looking at you, Todd Glass).

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    This guy is my favorite in the house-- well he and Cory. The rest seem average and at best just likable to me

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