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Thread: Alonzo Bodden, Contestant

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    Quote Originally Posted by duplessis3
    Don't forget London has his scary notebook too.
    He's my favorite, mainly because his jokes are the ones I remember - other jokes may make me laugh harder in the moment but his have sticking power.
    I agree, and I'll look for London's notebook too.

    I think Alonzo's gonna win some challenges. He has the eye of the tiger.

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    Alonzo's the best. He's solid, I have seen him destroy a room like Ralphie May. He should win this thing, that is if the network lets him.

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    FORT Fan ladytex's Avatar
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    He's my favorite at this point ... unfortunately that is usually the kiss of death ... lol

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    My money is on Alonzo to win. Saw him in "Bringing Down The House" last night. Alonzo, Gary and Jay seem to be hiding from the camera.

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    I think it's worth comparing Corey's juvenile outbursts against Ant to Alonzo's effortless verbal pantsing of Colin Quinn after some dumbly stated racial comments.

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    This Crap is OVER.

    Alonzo blew everyone away in a stand-up competition with all the judges agreeing. Wake the F up! ALONZO IS THE BEST COMIC HERE. It ain't close. It ain't funny. They tried to edit him up so he wouldn't be so obvious, give some sympathy to Gary and John. It just ain't happening. Alonzo wipes the field.

    And the contestants know it. Two weeks in a row, people vote Alonzo simply because they know no one else in their right mind would vote him, so there will be no reprecussions, chickensh*ts.

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    Hands down he is the funniest one in the house. He is my pick to take this competition.

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    I really like this guy a lot. The first time I watched LCS was the first elimination round & he's the only one who really stood out & made me L O L
    I'm happy he won yesterday, I really love this guy, I hope he wins this thing, he deserves it

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    Having only seen the last two shows, I can't say I've heard very much of his comedy, but the little I have heard, I do rather enjoy...

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    As someone who knows Alonzo professionally as well as personally, I must say that he is all that he seems to be!

    A wonderful, grounded , very funny comic and all-around good guy!
    He gets my vote for the win!

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