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Thread: Do you find Jay London's one-liners funny?

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    I find him funny for his standup; waiting to see how he acts in the house.

    I also find it odd that I remember him from Dave's appearance on the tonight show where he went to the tryouts for the LCS2 and interviewed some of the comics standing in line, and he did his 4th from the left joke.

    At least I know he stood in line, so he wasn't appointed to the house before the competition started.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PIKATSSO bad! It was evolutionary CHART, not CHAIN as I inaccurately quoted God...I made the guy into some kind of amoeba or something...
    Now that... is funny. Jay London, an amoeba.

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    I'm not a fan or anything, but his style of comedy is different from the rest which should change the pace of things... for me, he's funny because of his timing, he has the timing down right perfect. But I would like to see if he's like that 24/7

    can you imagine one-liners all the time? yikes!

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