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Thread: Todd's craziness vs Marina's drama: which one's funnier?

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    Quote Originally Posted by colby_d
    I still love her first joke about the fading smile.
    Me too. It really stuck with me, because it was fine physical comedy with that expression she put on. Although in all of her sets she had at least one joke where she did something almost as expressively ridiculous with her face.

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    I still say she needs to find a punchline. She's off and on; her ripping on sassy sista comedians was priceless, her shtick about her Haitian boyfriend was boring and obvious. Her fading smile bit was great; her bit about the angry mom beating her child was a long useless story with no point.

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    Marina, only because Todd drives me crazy and seems really annoying. He begs for attention-- that gets tiring.

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    Quote Originally Posted by coolman
    That is my point, how is smoking funny count as comedy, Todd will probably go early.
    I agree. I don't think Todd can deliver the goods. I would've liked Marina in the house, but I don't know how long she would've lasted either. Hopefully she'll try out again. It is hard to make it on the Apollo Theater stage so I have no doubt she's going places with the right material.

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