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Thread: Mohr defends LCS

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    Quote Originally Posted by AJane
    I like Ant. I like his standup, and I think he's probably a funny guy IRL as well.

    I could do without Kathleen Madigan or Dan Heffron. Unoriginal. Bland. Yeah, I laughed a couple of times, but...meh. I would replace them with Jim Wiggins (who at least had character) and Dan N. in a second.
    DAN HEFFRON?????? Oooooh...he's sooooo precious!!! His "orange-handled scissors" bit was totally AWESOME...very, very funny, and I think very, very original. I found him eminently likeable in every respect.

    Kathleen was okay--some funny stuff, but I think my problem with her was that she didn't come off as being spontaneous enough--it seemed soooo polished and rehearsed. I think a good comedian gives the illusion of just coming up with funny things off the top of his/her head...even though we know it has all (or at least mostly) been written and rehearsed in advance.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NFL1
    I would think a talented comedian with enough material would have planned his/her material so the Vegas final was truly a FINALE, and the best set of their lives...with the others being good enough to get through...
    If you mean they would plan to use their VERY BEST for the final showdown of the whole show, then they might never get far enough to ever use it...and if they did use their VERY BEST at the Vegas finals (to get into the house), then they might have to pull a "Dat Phan" and just repeat their best set if they DO make it to the GRAND FINALE SHOWDOWN...it's a dilemma. But I guess using his BEST over and over again DID work for Dat.

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    yhea leave her alone!

    I'm with you Colby! now its Tess's fault Dan didnt get in? give me a break! NBC's excuses are lame! and it didnt really matter who the judges picked, NBC was going to put who they wanted in those spots! I seriously doubt that they let TESS decide who was going or staying! :phhht

    Even though she was my favorite last year! and I did go and see her live and she was sold out both nights! the show didnt do her justice!!!!!!!!

    Go Tess!

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    da huffinator
    I know some of you are probably sick of hearing about Dan Naturman and how he got robbed. But when that person is your favorite, you really want to keep defending them for a long time. Kind of like how the Clay should have won debate that still goes on after a year and a half, or the Lakers this past season , who won the mvp this year again?

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    Jay Mohrs explanation makes no sense. jay implied that naturman did not get into the house b/c he only had 3 out of 4 votes. that would mean the ten comics who got in had 4 out of 4. if that's true than drew and brett would not have gotten so mad because they would have voted for all the winners. also, drew went to the press and said he did not like ant so we know he didn't vote for him. Peter engel offered another explantion on camera - there were other judges voting. judges that, by the way, nobody knew about beforehand and nobody, to this day, knows the identity of. also, i have it on good authority that the comics were divided into two groups in vegas as we saw on tv. both groups performed on that same night with a brief intermission in between. magically, exactly 5 comics from each group were picked. one more thing, if you do a little research you will realize that ALL TEN FINALISTS ARE RESIDENTS OF LOS ANGELES. They may have come from elsewhere, by they live in l.a.. Nobody from new york or elsewhere made it to the house. If you ask me, the evidence indicates that the ten comics were picked beforehand. Whether you like naturman or ant or whoever, you should be outraged that nbc clearly committed a fraud and used all the comics who didn't make it to the house to make their casting session look like a contest.

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    No, he never implied that Dan didn't get in because he only got 3 out of 4 votes. He never mentioned Dan at all. Drew was the one who said Dan got 3 votes. Jay said that the ones who got 4 were automatically in and then they went to the ones who were on 3 lists. He said there were 3 of them that got in. Then the producers filled in the other slots. Jay never mentions, and I don't know why, why Dan didn't make it if he did actually have 3 votes.

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    And actually, I'm not outraged. If at one time or another all 10 comics resided in Los Angeles, I'm fine with that.

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    We interrupt this thread for a brief public service announcment.

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    We now return you to your regularly scheduled rant.

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    all the comics currently reside in los angeles, which is where all the producers live. conincidence? not likely.

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    Wayner as always you are right


    What is the big deal that the producers have a preconceived version of who they want in the house and then use some judges to confirm their opinion? If someone got the vote of all 4 judges they were in. Maybe those over ruled some that the producers wanted but they feel like if all 4 judges like them there was something that they were missing.

    Again they did it the same way last year and gave us a great show. But are they going to get lucky again with an unknown like Dave? Not to mention the way Vos (someone very likely to have been penciled in from the start). and Dave hit it off. We can only watch and wait.

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