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Thread: Now here's what I don't get...

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    You know what I thought was a little odd...when Jay Mohr reacted to Brett...and said "Brett!!!!!" It all seemed a little staged to me...probably for ratings...Did anybody else think that also?

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    Quote Originally Posted by leeinsmyrna
    You know what I thought was a little odd...when Jay Mohr reacted to Brett...and said "Brett!!!!!" It all seemed a little staged to me...probably for ratings...Did anybody else think that also?
    There's some truth to that. I was asking myself why he didn't just think she had a sudden bladder problem. Maybe it was dubbed?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Taza
    The show is not about who is funnier it is more about the drama.
    I was having this same discussion just yesterday... what they need is a ventriloquist in the house...

    Or perhaps that's Todd Glass' secret power?

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    da huffinator
    Quote Originally Posted by Wayner
    I put this idea forth in another thread, but I'll go ahead and suggest it again. The way Naturman reacted when he wasn't selected - refusing to be interviewed, calling the show "stupid" and generally throwing a tantrum that would make my two-year-old proud. I think it's possible that the producers felt that Naturman could be a royal pain in the tail to work with, and thus decided not to select him.

    And based on his little hissy-fit, if there's an LCS3, he blew whatever shot he might have had. I think he was funnier than many of the folks that moved on, but I think he behavior was tremendously unprofessional, and he may have hurt his career - in in fact he had asperations of doing television.

    I'll be glad when this week's installment of the show airs so we can hopefully get a way from all the "controversy."

    BTW, Krom, you have some of the most intelligent, well read arguments I see in the LCS forums.

    I thought this forum was for fans of reality tv. If you were a fan of reality tv, you would know that throwing tantrums and being uncooperative is perfect for reality shows. I mean could you imagine a reality show where every one agrees on everything and is humble all the time. How boring would that be. Controversy makes reality tv, otherwise there wouldn't be such a craze about them now a days. Look at what we are doing right now, we're discussing controversy b/c it's what makes reality shows interesting and more popular.

    I always wondered how much careers would change if there wasn't any controversy in reality tv. What if Clay Aiken came in first? What if Dat Phan lost to Dave Mordal early? What if John Stevens never even made the top 12? What if Latoya, Fantasia, and Jennifer were the top 3? What if Melana picked Adam and Larissa picked Brian? What if Dan Naturman made it to the house? Think about all of these and you'll know why controversy is very important for entertainment.
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    Actually, I would love Reality TV all the more if all those happened, well except for Average Joe, cause I would have picked the "hunk" too, and Dan N. Reality TV would still be popular. We'd all cheer for "The Divas" and talk about how great it is that America knows how to vote. We'd all be glad to have a really talented "Last Comic Standing".

    For me, it's about the strategy and the relationships on shows like Survivor and Big Brother. On American Idol, I'm listening to the voices and rooting for my favorite. The 1st season was great even before the Tamyra "controversy". And there's not one show I think where tantrums make it a good show. Bad sportsmanship isn't part of any show. Bad comics or bad singers are funny in early rounds, and in a show like LCS the challenges are sometimes interesting to watch, but it is like BB where I like to watch the dynamics of the HG's and the conflict there rather than any voting contreversy or people throwing tantrums.

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