I have to say that I enjoyed the stuff in the house last year, because it was FUNNY. They were funny people, not just funny stand-ups (except Dat who was neither)... The funny people (Dave, Rich, and to some extent Ralphie) didn't even bother competing in immunity challenges, cause they wanted to be challenged, and to be on the stage. Instead, the made the immunity challenges so much more entertaining, and they were absolutely hilarious on the show with their bathtub sessions, catching the rat, and of course their hide-and-seek joke on Dat.

This year, their goal seems to be covering their own asses in order to make sure they don't get challenged, and none of them seem like they are very funny people around the house. It's been a bore this season, and for season three, they should either not focus on the house, or they should try to make an effort to find funny PEOPLE and not just people that are funny on stage. How they would do this I have no idea though.