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Thread: Dan Naturman

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    Re your post about video editing, NavyCake:

    Delicious meal...(great food for thought...THANKS!!)

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    Quote Originally Posted by PIKATSSO
    Well I loved the guy...

    But that voice...that voice is SO familiar...and it's driving me CRAZY because I can't think of where I've heard it before...maybe he does voiceovers for cartoon characters???
    I think there are a lot of similarties to his voice and Matthew Broderick's. I also can see a little Ray Romano and Gilbert Godfrey rolled up in there, too.

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    Well yes, Dvorak, I can see shades of Gilbert...but I think maybe I am thinking of Jon Lovitz...is he the one that used to always say, "Yeah, yeah...that's the ticket!"?

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    Yep, I'm pretty sure that was John Lovitz.

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    Quote Originally Posted by navycake
    I watched Dan on Jimmy Kimmel. His jokes were funny, but his segues were clumsy, almost as if he blanked for 2 secs before each new bit. Then he'd remember, and become a pro again. My guess is it was due to being thrown off by the TV studio location. Yes, he was on TV in NY, Vegas, and the initial audition club, but those are all stage venues, not a TV studio, which he's probably not used to.

    Here's something you may not have thought about:

    In editing, it's easy to make a bad set look good, but difficult to make a good set look bad.

    I just watched the repeat on Comedy Central of that last show, and during Ant's set, if you watch carefully, there's no wide shots of both Ant and the audience right after his punchlines. There are plenty of closeups of audience members laughing, but who's to say those shots aren't from elsewhere in the show, during some other comic's set? So, unless they include a shot that shows both Ant on stage, and the audience cracking up at the same time, we really don't know how well his act went over. Close shots of the audience cracking up can be cut from other comic's sets and dropped onto the video track of the Ant edit, which has Ant's audio on a separate track. (I do desktop video editing, so I guarantee all this is easily possible with the simplest gear). And additional tracks can be added as needed, including a separate audio track with laughter from another comic's set, or simply from any canned audio track the producers care to purchase or create.

    Conversely, however, it's rather tricky to do the opposite. That is to edit a comic who had the audience rolling in the aisles to sound as if their act is flopping. Since the comic's voice is sharing the same tape as the laughter, it's very difficult to turn the volume of laughter down without reducing the comic's gain as well. And you can't just clip right before the laugh, or it would sound incredibly obvious that the tape was fiddled with.

    This is why the reaction to Dan's set, as for any other "reject's" set had to be shown truthfully. But if there was a comic who made it into the house whom you found not to be very funny, it's entirely possible their performances were "sweetened" in the editing room in order to better justify their making the cut.

    "Click and drag" sound and video editing has made it easier than ever before to make so-called "live" events look and sound way more exciting than they really are. It's done all the time. Watch Oprah. Watch the audience when she comes out. Yes, they are standing and applauding. But if you look close, only a few of them look like their shouting, cheering, and squealing. But we hear that sort of noise as if hundreds were doing it. Michael Jackson's self-produced concerts have no shame at all with this sort of blatant sweetening.

    Navycake, that is very interesting...(see all the things you can learn on the FORT!) It does make sense and we do know "reality" shows are very creative with editing.

    I personally loved Dan...His remark about his house being "Early American Crackhouse" had me rolling
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    the Early American Crackhouse line was hilarious

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    da huffinator
    Sure Television can make bad sets look good, but Dan Naturman had the whole audience standing and hollering for him right afterwards. Also during his set Brett Butler told Drew Carey he's my favorite. Thus, if you put two in two together Dan Naturman is a actually a really funny comedian even without the editing

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    You can make bad sets look sorta good, and you can make sorta good sets look bad, but you can't make bad sets look good, or make good sets look bad. That's what my father used to tell me... or maybe I just made that up... I don't know.

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    This guy reminded me much more of Steve Buscemi then anyone else, maybe that's the voice you were thinking of Pikat!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Glitternerfball
    This guy reminded me much more of Steve Buscemi then anyone else, maybe that's the voice you were thinking of Pikat!
    Well...his mannerisms are definitely very Buscemi-like...I'm trying to envision Buscemi doing standup...(great vision!!!) I guess that's who it MUST be...but for some reason he just doesn't seem to be exactly the person I am thinking of...it may come to me one day when I least expect it...but thanks, I appreciate the help!

    Oh...and thanks to dFleming for the confirmation on Lovitz!

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