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Thread: *WARNING* Extensive Spoilers - Full results In This Thread

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    *WARNING* Extensive Spoilers - Full results In This Thread


    Ok here's a run down of who was eliminated & in what order:

    Week 1: Bonnie McFarlane

    Week 2: Todd Glass

    Week 3: Jay London

    Week 4: Ant

    Week 5: Corey Holcomb

    Apparently Gary Gulman is challenged the most and wins each time cause the ladies love him

    So the house 10 are:

    1. Bonnie McFarlane
    2. Todd Glass
    3. Jay London
    4. Ant
    5. Corey Holcomb
    6. Gary Gulman
    7. Tammy Pescatelli
    8. Alonzo Bodden
    9. Kathleen Madigan
    10. John Heffron

    The final 5 are:

    - Gary Gulman
    - Tammy Pescatelli
    - Alonzo Bodden
    - Kathleen Madigan
    - John Heffron

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    How in the world did Norton not make it to the house? I'm not buying this spoiler, especially coming from someone with one post to thier credit. Get out your fishing poles, boys and girls, it's trolling time.
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    Are you by any chance from cringehumor.net? Aren't you guys Jim Norton's biggest fans.

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    I wouldn't believe this guy.....

    Not one person he picked was a NYC comic doing the club circuit.

    Out of the NYC comics one of these has to make it... they are popular in NYC going from club to club.....

    Tim Young
    Sue Costello
    Kerri Louise
    Tom Cotter
    Dan Adhoot
    Marina Franklin
    Dan Naturman

    One of these guys has to make it into the house.......

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    Quote Originally Posted by speedbump
    Get out your fishing poles, boys and girls, it's trolling time.
    woohoo!! My favorite time of day!

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    No Monty? Oh well... Bonnie out first? Aw shucks! At least Tammy and Kathleen are supposedly in the top 5. I can never remember who John Heffron is, though.

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    cringehumor's info on the ten in the house is absolutely, 100%, totally correct. Jim Norton did not make it into the house because he had to drop out of the competition last minute due to a competiting gig with MTV

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    I think it's true. Half of the people listed as in the house are definately in the house. My area got the latest episode on Monday and Gary Gulman, Corey Holcomb, Ant, Kathleen Madigan, and Bonnie McFarlane all made it in. None of the others have been eliminated yet.

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    Thank-you Wiggum !! I came in here this morning all ready to complain about Ant getting in the house (I watched the show last night too) and was starting to think I was crazy because there was no 6/14 spoilers here in FORT

    Now i know I'm not nuts and I thank you for that

    Also Corey Holcumb??? people in the audience were killing themselves.... maybe it's me... but I wasn't laughing. A poor set to make it in the house I figure.

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    This is all fine with me, my two favourites (Gary & Tammy) are in the top 5
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