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Thread: Rooting for Anyone Yet?

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    Quote Originally Posted by addikted
    Heffron: That VH sign on a Traper Keeper line won me over. Except for me, it was Warrant and Def Leppard.
    Me too! But add Bon Jovi to that list

    John Heffron is my fav. He makes me laugh like Dave Mordal did last season. His bit about kids being impatient in stores had me crying. I started stomping around this morning at work this morning, like he suggested. Didn't work too well I can't wait to see him in the house! Oh, and I think he is running a close second to Gary in the looks department!

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    Quote Originally Posted by missamyh
    I'm annoyed that Ant is back as well. I guess I'm annoyed that he got so annoyed with the guys on the bus they were just trying to unwind and have a little fun. He seems a little to prickly about well everything. So I guess I'm rooting for anybody except ANT.
    I can't stand Ant either. And I'll join the list of those who think Heffron's a cutie.

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    I think Heffron is cute! I really like him a lot. I was just rewatching a clip of him on Star Search, funny stuff. Alonzo was on there too, he's great.

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    I'm rootin' for Ant! I just love how he gets up on stage all confident, and when he's up there, you can tell hes gonna put on a good show. And that joke about four queens and a straight was hilarious! The second it finished, i laughed hard and thought it was pretty clever! how neat, yeah GO ANT!

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    My 3 Favorites of the top 10 are Bonnie, Jay and Kathleen

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    DAVE MORDAL (oops...wrong season)

    I'm reserving real judgment until after viewing a few more episodes, but as of this moment:

    1. Heffron
    2. Gulman/London
    3. Bodden/Holcomb
    4. Ant
    5. Pescatelli/Madigan
    6. Glass

    The only one of the ten I specifically dislike is the "C" girl (not funny; Creepy personality...an LCS Omarosa???). Glass is a bit "iffy"...but I really like all the rest--not as clear cut for me as it was last season, though.

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    I like Alonzo a lot. He seems to have a lot of material and he has been consistently funny throughout the competition. It doesn't hurt that he is pretty damn good looking too. I love the bald men.

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    I'm rooting for:
    Ant & Kathleen Madigan

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    Heffron is my guy. He is very, very funny and cute as well!
    I think his humor is a bit like Mordal's and I truly like him.
    He has my vote all the way.
    Kathleen is second.


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    I'm cheering for Corey Holcomb. He's IMO the funniest person remaining.

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