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Thread: Rooting for Anyone Yet?

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    Your favorites so far.

    I like DC Benny and that Indian guy.

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    I am pulling for Corey Holcomb and Jim Norton. I saw Corey live last year at the Improv here in So-Cal, and I thought he had some great material.

    I am a Norton fan from Tough Crowd (which is probably one of my favorite TV shows on the air today). He's got that kinda sick, lewd, raw humor that I just get a kick out of... I also like how self-depricating he is. "Look at me, I'm pale... no body hair, little pink nipples... I look like a new born orangutan"

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    I am rooting for Jim Norton as well, I think he is deliciously bitter and very funny,and I know him from Tough Crowd.

    I know Ant is a FORT favorite,but I feel that he is funny in small doses. I think I get enough if him on all those VH-1 specials.

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    Dan Naturman, John Heffron, Alonzo Bodden and Dan Ahdoot are my favorites. I also loved Chris Voth, but he's gone.

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    Gary Gulman

    I saw Gary Gulman live a couple of weeks ago. He opened for Dane Cook. He is absolutely hysterical, and I wouldn't be surprised if he does really well on the show. He has great material. I am a fan of Norton as well, from what I've seen of his Tough Crowd appearances, he is pretty damn funny, too.

    But it's Gulman all the way.

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    I can't even remember any of their names....

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    Most of the comics i liked from the top 40 were overlooked - how disappointing. I really wanted to see Justin McKinney, Paul Varghese, Louis Ramey, and Jim Wiggins advance. I got quite a few chuckles out of them. (I may have liked one or two more, but can't remember their names...)

    However, my top two picks did advance, and I'll be rooting for them:

    Dan Adhoot - Axis of Evil and doctor/comic calendar
    Alonzo Bodden - Bed, Bath, & Beyond

    Those two had solid performances and were heads and shoulders above the rest. Some of the other top 20 picks were okay (i.e. I laughed one or more times) and the rest were quite horribly unfunny.

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    my favorites are bonnie mcfarplane, tammi, and from what i heard eveyone hates her but i like jessica kirsn. I guess she is my favorite. I used to like ant until i noticed that he probbaly makes enough money as it is doing all those vh1 specials.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Quack-Wabbit
    I can not stand Ant. Why is he even there?
    I'm annoyed that Ant is back as well. I guess I'm annoyed that he got so annoyed with the guys on the bus they were just trying to unwind and have a little fun. He seems a little to prickly about well everything. So I guess I'm rooting for anybody except ANT.
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    Green Eyed Soul
    Quote Originally Posted by Wayner
    Naturman: Reminds me of Steve Buscemi in appearance and demeanor. Can picture him doing a cameo in an Adam Sandler movie. Better yet, make a sequel to Reservoir Dogs and cast him as Mister Pink.
    I agree. Naturman totally rocks. I hope he makes it into the house.

    I also think Jim Norton is hilarious.

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