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Thread: Rooting for Anyone Yet?

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    Hey whozit, do we have another User Friendly fan in the house???

    I like Kathleen, I've seen her in Comedy Central presents, and she had a very funny set. But a lot of the comics made me laugh.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PSi
    He does schtick, either you love it or you hate it.
    London was the person doing schtick, right? (I am not sure what to call that one liner type style.) I loved it, but I guess it is up to taste. I just think it takes immense talent to keep people entertained with those one liners for long periods of time, it just amazes me how he could keep going and going... I can't really remember most of the finalists as several of my personal favorites didn't make it, but London definately is one funny guy I remember, and I hope goes far
    ps. This is just my opinion in the matter.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Curly_Hair
    Well, last night I asked my husband after they had picked the 20 to move on, if we were watching the worst comic standing.
    Almost all of my favorties got cut.
    I really like the older guy with the cane and rough sounding voice.
    I like the young kid from Russia, even though he was very new to all of this.
    I like the tall guy from Dallas that did the jokes about the boogie man in the closet.
    I like the black gal that did the joke about the push up bra.


    except I was watching alone, screaming at the judges over and over "What! That guy wasn't funny! What! She wasn't funny - granted, great legs but...""
    Scared the kids.

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    well, it's a little premature but so far my favorites are Dan Adoot (Iranian guy) and John Heffron (he sounds a little like BobCat G. but he's not annoying like bobcat).

    I also like Alonzo, Jim Norton, and Tammy Pascatelli.

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    The two I liked didnt even make it, Jim Wiggins and the guy who did the bit about his dad being afraid of the dark. I guess since they didnt make it so far I like the Bed, Bath and Beyond guy and the Ant( I think he is really funny)

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    I also thought the Retha Jones lady was funnier than some of the ones that were chosen.

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    I liked Dan Ahdoot, Marina Franklin, Kathleen Madigan, and Bonnie McFarlane.

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    For me its Marina Franklin, Jim Norton, Dan Adoot and Jessica Kirson.

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    I love Marina Franklin, Bonnie MacFarlane, and Dan Ahdoot, and I wish Retha Jones had made it. Also liked Paul Varghese.

    I can not stand Ant. Why is he even there?

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    Quote Originally Posted by averagejane
    I have a wicked crush on Gary Gulan I don't even care if he's funny or not
    I'm with ya! (Nice avatar jane.)

    I guess at this early stage I'm liking Jim Norton and Dan Adhoot. But I remember last year that during auditions I wasn't particularly crazy about Rich Vos, but ended up totally adoring him once they got into the house. So I guess I'll just have to trust NBC to give me a group of funny and interesting people in the house. Say what you will about Dat Phan, I count myself lucky to have witnessed the "hide and seek" bit with Ralphie May. One of the funniest things I've ever seen, and it wouldn't have happened if Dat hadn't made the house.

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