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Thread: LCS 1 is really no match for LCS 2!?

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    LCS 1 is really no match for LCS 2!?

    I mean, most of the top 40 this year are funnier than many of the people in the house last year, Tess would have no chance making it to semi this year. Most of the semifinalists would've made top 5 tv appearance last year. Cant wait to see who makes the final 10.

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    Way too early to tell. Most of the suckitude last year wasn't obvious until we learned that some of the comedians had no depth--that the 45 seconds of comedy we heard in the early rounds was their only funny material.

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    I don't know about this year being better than last year.
    There were a few people of the 40 who repeated the material they used in their auditions. :rolleyes
    And then there was Buck Star, who they allowed to audition at every freakin' location! Where's security when you need them? I'm gonna be going a good while hating on any comic act that uses the expression "This is the [insert name] show" in their routine.
    I'm surprised they let Ant enter this contest again. So far he's become one of the 20 semi-finalists, but since he's not in the house yet he still has yet to celebrate.
    There's one more thing I'm gonna have to see for myself about, and that's the public display made by Drew Carey and one of the other judges in not having a say in who got to go to the house. That could mean that someone many viewers find themselves rooting for won't get into the house.

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    I think this season has nothing on last year. Last year we had mostly unknowns who were funny and then they blew up. This year its mostly people i've seen

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    Dave Mordal was in the competition last year.
    Nuff said.

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    and Rich Vos.
    Those two carried the show.
    I didn't like Rich at first, but once he made it to the house, I quickly became a fan. I loved how he was ironing everytime he had confessionals. The Don stuff was really funny, and the bathtub scene with Rich and Dave was hysterical.

    It's too early to tell if LCS2 will be funnier than LCS1. I doubt it, though.

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    Maybe this year is the way it is BECAUSE of last year???

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    So far, I'm wishing for the good old days of LCS1. Dave, Rich, Ralphie, Rob *sigh, I loved that boy, he was adorable* made it really watchable. This year I find myself saying "Yeah, you're good. You're okay. Now...can you make me laugh out loud? PLEASE?" to every comic. The four comics I mentioned from LCS1 made me laugh out loud pretty often. Maybe someone will come into the house on an upset but make us all love him/her.

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    Someone will have to be pretty darn funny to improve upon the Dave/Rich/Ralphie trifecta for me.
    It's such a fine line between stupid, and clever. -- David St. Hubbins

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lucy
    Someone will have to be pretty darn funny to improve upon the Dave/Rich/Ralphie trifecta for me.
    And along with such a "trifecta" (heee) you really need a Dat so they have someone to fun at.

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