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Thread: Favorite Joke This Season

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    Favorite Joke This Season

    What has been your favorite Joke so far?

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    Not sure if it's the funnies, but the one I remembered the most is that rejected Mother Crazy dong PCP Angel Dust, I was laughing my ass off on that one. Too bad she didnt get call-back.
    Another one is that Indian guy who made the joke about crosses
    Then that interpretive dancer saying he looks like the guy from Operation Game.
    Also the Jim 62 year-old guy, I find him pretty funny too, he is probably my fav to win.
    That guy saying who loves baby Jesus was fun too, but got old towards the end.
    Strange though I dont find some people getting to semi funny at all. Like that guy who does stuff on viagra, it's not that funny IMO.

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    I liked the "bulletproof Kennedy" joke. Sick? Yes. Uncomfortably hilarious? Yes.

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    The Russian Kid - loved his deadpan delivery...

    "I was born in Russia but moved to the U.S. when I was five...I dont remember much about Russia...but its hard to remember anything when your a little...drunk."

    "My moms is always telling me 'You're just like your father'...well I guess she would know...so I beat her and left her for another woman."

    The old guy from Chicago had the best prop...his baseball cap's logo said "Did You Poop Today?"
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    I loved the Indian guy's joke about his father being afraid of the dark. Other than that, I don't remember any jokes, except for the phrase 'Welcome to the Buck Star show, I'm Buck Star'. And that was NOT funny. By any stretch of the imagination.

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    I also liked the Paul V's joke about his dad and his collection of crosses and if the KKK was burning a cross in his front yard he'd com eout and say when you're done with that hose it off and bring it inside, I loved his accent! Also the one he did about his dad being afraid of the dark The ones I thought were NOT funny...well, there were a lot of them but mostly that Kirson girl I think her name was and ANY of her jokes like the mama mama mama joke. I also thought that one girl, I think ti was Miranda? and the fading smile joke was pretty funny also. The guy with the straw was funny too....

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    My favorite joke is how they hire some big name comedy judges, and then completely disregard their opinions.

    Oh no, wait. That's my least favorite joke.

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    I loved TanyaLee's caffeine joke. The way she was jittering was freakay! And Lee Strong's "Who's your grandma?" joke. Too bad these two didn't go on. I can't really remember any jokes I liked, though. What did stripper Triana say? I remember kind of liking that... I read everything you guys wrote, but I didn't care for those ones... Oh yeah! I remember one, I think it was Bonnie MacFarlane but not sure, who said when she's pulled over by a cop with his reflective glasses she thinks... "I really need to cut my bangs." The Parkinson's joke from tonight, that was shown in a commercial, was one of the funnier things I've seen.

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    I forgot about the Parkinson's joke in the previews for tonight I can't wait, it should be a good show...have to go get some popcorn and snacks ready!

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    I liked Paul V the best. I was rolling when he was talking about his dad being scared of the boogy man. "Did he look mad? Did you mention my name?" LOL The other joke I thought was funny was the girl who said her mother was a librarian "Sometimes I call her and go Shhhh then hang up." The stripper was funny. Her joke was something like. "I always get the usual song and dance when my bf's break up with me. My wifes gonna find out, this could ruin my campaign."

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