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Thread: Favorite Joke This Season

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    Quote Originally Posted by pin0yb0y
    oh my gosh i loved i think her name is Aretha Jones the black girl he joke about some girl finding fer number and saying i dont know who you is but you better stay away from my man or something and she said well then talk to your man about that and she gives him the phone! (some thing like that) oh my lord i was laughing so hard!!!!!
    I thought she was great too--yet another with perfected delivery and "attitude" and the kind of material that makes us laugh because, ironically, it really isn't all that funny--I was very disappointed that she didn't make the cut, especially when considering some of those who did--Jessica Kirson, for instance, who apparently has been working a little TOO hard...there is something so heebie-jeebie about her maniacal laugh...

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    Quote Originally Posted by J.D.
    I'm still pulling for the lady who put Vos in his place - very quick, clever and natural.
    It would have been funny if she had said "you can come over only if you do all of my ironing."

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    Quote Originally Posted by pudman13
    It would have been funny if she had said "you can come over only if you do all of my ironing."
    It would have been funnier if she wasn't actually Rich's girlfriend.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pg13
    It would have been funnier if she wasn't actually Rich's girlfriend.
    PG, I don't know who you are, but I have enjoyed and found extremely enlightening every one of your posts that I have come across...

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    Quote Originally Posted by funnygirl422
    I don't think she was. Isn't she the gal that is married to the other comedian. He didn't make it, but she did.
    That's true, but the woman who made the secretary joke was cut. Her later routine was something about speed dating and her brother's a bad kisser.
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    I apologize to Sharon Houston...not about not getting her humor...but about calling her Susan.

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    I liked Retha Jones too and felt she was robbed. In fact I was able to find info on her and found her email and wrote to her that I thought she was robbed and not to give up. She wrote back saying they edited it to look like that but that was not her exact words.

    Also I loved Jim WIggins but I read a article from another website where he might not be done in the competition, so if this is true we might see him again shortly.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SnowflakeGirl

    I also, seriously, was dying over Jim Norton's escort jokes. My mom was here, and she's quite a pious little thing, but even she was horrified I've never heard her laugh so hard. "Can I get a retarded one and give you $50?"
    I have to admit. Flake, I'm kind of surprised you found Jim Norton's escort joke funny...actually the girl he requested was "deformed." not retarded...but I remember thinking to myself...Why ask for anyone at all...there's always a bar open SOMEWHERE...why not just go pick up some drunken skank, ply her with a couple more beers, you'll both be happy and you've saved yourself about $2,990?

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    Actually, Pikatsso, the $3000 charge was for the "really pretty girl." He requested the deformed girl for the discount. And the pizza. I can respect a bargain hunter.

    Besides, you know what Jim Norton looks like. No girl, skank or otherwise, is that drunk.
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    da huffinator
    dan adhoot's calendar joke and dan naturman's soda pop joke.

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