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Thread: Favorite Joke This Season

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    My Favorite

    I loved the joke Ant told about him and the russian princess and at the end he goes "Well in America I'm a Queen and I outrank you" I am not really a fan of Ant though and he tells to many gay jokes but I guess it is less than last year

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    One of mine...

    I have heard lots o jokes that made me laugh like crazy, like the Russian guy, however the one that stands out the most was Gulman Roasting Jay, "Jays parents could not be here today, they had a previous engagement, they're blowing down the little pigs house..."

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    Gary's pill joke was great "there is a pill to keep you from getting polio but that's not THE Pill"

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    This isn't my favourite but Todd's the other night killed me, I think all I have to say is "RAAWWWRRRRR!"

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    The one that made me laugh the most was when Todd Glass was talking about how most people believe in Karma, so he likes to go to the mall and punch people in the face and then ask them," what did you do to deserve THAT?"

    He's out of his mind, and I love him for it.

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