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Thread: Looking for something specific? (no-spoilers)

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    Looking for something specific? (no-spoilers)

    I know that the producers are looking for something specific but that doesn't mean that the people they pick are not funny too. It wouldn't make for good tv if they didn't get a good mix of people. I'm sure there are funnier people than those who are picked but they'll all be funny. Reality tv is never "fair".

    On the flip-side, there were some very funny comedians who didn't make it to the semi-finals. Some that I have seen in clubs many times and laughed my a** off at. Many of these guys who tried out are headliners in there own cities, have headlined Vegas, have had tv specials and have done commercials and tv shows. They are hilarious, just not what is wanted at that time.

    I can't wait to see how everyone done this season. I already have my faves picked so we'll see how they do.

    Everyone keep laughing!

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    I wonder what the producers want from these people. It seems to me this should be a comic reality show. I for one don't care if these people fight or start a romance. (Thats what I'm looking for on Survivor.) I just want them to be funny in the house and onstage. From the contestants they've passed to go on to Vegas I don't think the producers are looking for the same thing I am.

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