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Thread: 6/8 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

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    Quote Originally Posted by getreal
    That could be a sit com with Michael Jackson starring as the single mom with 32 kids in the same bed.

    Wait! Let me try out my Arnold impression ...

    It was interesting seeing how the same themes are over-used by so many who are trying to be topical. I think a good Arnold impression makes anything sound funny, and would have liked to have seen more of their routines and less of the quick-edited montage version.

    When the old dude with the cap and the ponytail moved on, and was giving advise to the high school dropout, I could almost smell the whiskey and tobacco on his breath emanating from my t.v. screen.
    I think that kid is funnier than the old cigar-smoking alcoholic dude. I am still irked though that they had to take so many from other cities and leave only 1 or 2 for the others. Very bad planning, and I agree that they should have a range (from 40-50) such that it's okay to go over 40 if they think a few more are deserving (like AI does).

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    J/J for the win! DJeterFan's Avatar
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    This is a pretty good show. I didn't watch the last one.

    Does it get stupid when they're living in the same house, or is there still a lot of comedy featured?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maveno
    Hard to comment on these people because I can't remember names.

    I like the big guy who did the "if you were going to get in a fight with a straw in yoru drink".
    Oh yes, I love that dude! I was in stitches! I wil be routing for him to make it in the house. I'm not sure who else yet I like. I like that black guy who said something about his kid to be mixed. Half black, half demon...a mix of hell, the kid is possessed. But he didn't make it because they only has to choose ONE!

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    Quote Originally Posted by DJeterFan
    This is a pretty good show. I didn't watch the last one.

    Does it get stupid when they're living in the same house, or is there still a lot of comedy featured?
    Actually last year, it got a LOT better when they got in the house, because you got to know each person. And their standup, when they went up against each other, was a lot longer than you saw last night.

    Last nights and tonights episodes won't give you a clear indication of how funny the final 10 are, until they get into the house.


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    Quote Originally Posted by hepcat
    I'm bad on names, but the woman who did "mommy, mommy" a million times had some facial expressions that really reminded me of Chris Farley. I liked her bit with "wouldn't it be funny if I looked like this all the time?"
    ya she got a belly laugh out of me to, but I don't know if I could watch a whole set of her.

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    how did pablo not make it... and then that big chick that makes faces made it.... i hope he got paid to not make it... peace

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