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Thread: what's up with this contract thing?

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    what's up with this contract thing?

    k, so dat won. wasn't he suppose to have some special or something? what's the update on this? or have i missed it?

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    *is wondering the same thing*
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    On dats site it says he is taping his comedy special soon. Baby steps folks. Rome wasnt built in a day

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    Dat's filming a movie now, or was anyway. Cellular.

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    Vos already had a Comedy Central Presents 1/2 hour months ago. And he, Dave Mordal, Cory Kahaney, Ralphie May and Rob K(c?)antrell have all been on Tough Crowd at least once each. One Tough Crowd episode actually had Vos, dave, Cory and Rob filling the bill and occasionally making fun of Dat.

    Dat started off as likeable, but got annoying quickly. His showcase will be mostly (or all) the same material. If he ever does develop anything w/NBC, good luck as there really is alot of garbage in the way of sitcoms and can't see him doing any better...

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