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Thread: Tough Crowd

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    Tough Crowd

    Rich Vos was on Tough Crowd last night (well it was the 1:00 a.m version...but it was recent). He's still telling jokes as if his daughter was 6, but he still makes me snort laughing!

    Jim Norton was on it as well - pretty good show

    (as a side note, the only thing I don't like about Tough Crowd is those STUPID skits)

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    Most of them have been on tough crowd, I know Tess, Dat, what's his face (guy with cancer), and Tere have not been on it yet

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    I don't think Dat will ever dare show his face on there. Colin and the other regulars made it clear they thought he was a boob. I wouldn't mind seeing Tess on there, though
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    twisty goo
    Wow, it looks like Dat Phan and Rich Vos will both be on Tough Crowd this Thursday 12/11. Oughta be interesting.

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    Comedy Central now has a "Tough Crowd Stands Up" special. They are running it quite a bit, and is worth the 1 1/2 hours.

    Norton, Keith Robinson, Greg Giraldo and Nick DiPaolo were all on and Judy gold was fair. Patrice was stamoring and seemed very nervous and Vos did material he has done way too many times before. Vos seems like the only one who didn't belong as he really isn't a regular like the others. But his delivery is still tight and he has good stage presence.

    As a former O&A listener, I can't get enough of Norton and he didn't disappoint with his time. Sharp, smart and enjoyable.
    If O&A do come back in the Summer to Sirius satellite radio, I hope Norton is back with them and will subscribe as soon as it is official!!!

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