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Thread: Final ranking for the top 10

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    My Top Ten

    10. Sean...more annoying than funny
    09. Geoff...another I didn't think was top 10 to begin with
    08. Cory...sorry I don't get it...soon to be a sick grandmother...
    07. Tere...I like Cha-Cha-Cha...at least it was original...
    06. Rob...Alien space brain...I think he knows firsthand...
    05. Rich...I didn't think much of him in the beginning...still not high on him...
    04. Tess...She was my second favorite, until she bombed in the finals
    03. Dave...Funny guy...like him more I see him
    02. Dat Phan...underestimated by most...I am annoyed that he won...although I had him at 3 going into the house...

    01. RALPHIE!!!!...crowds chanting his name are right...he should have been the last comic standing...voting for 5 split the votes and let Dat win...I want to see Ralphie perform...the rest I will wait for cable...

    Keith S. :{)>

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    to all of you here I say:Te gustibus non est disputendum.

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    But being blue is more work.
    Quote Originally Posted by senrik
    to all of you here I say:Te gustibus non est disputendum.
    Too funny: I Googled that phrase and got one of your other posts in the FORT.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wayner
    Too funny: I Googled that phrase and got one of your other posts in the FORT.
    means 'taste cannot be measured' meaning everyone has their own taste.

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    Eeeeh... I guess.

    1) Ralphie - mostly because I got to see more of him than Mordal
    2) Dave - still... not a sitcom guy at all
    3) Cory - she won me over bigtime last week
    4) Rich - moments of brilliance, hours of boredom
    5) Dat - real good sitcom guy, but he never convinced me that he found his OWN material funny--which is a big thing with me. And if he allows his career to be about his mother, from here on, he deserves whatever gets said. For now, he deserves his chance I guess.
    6) Rob - again, like Vos, moments of brilliance. The other times? Just weird to no purpose...
    7) Tess - I laughed a few times. Especially the bit with the wig lifting. But on stage? Not so much.
    8) Sean - why am I being so generous with Sean? Well it ain't cause he's got cancer. It seems to me that in another life he MIGHT have been funny. But even post-bitterness, he's more serious than funny.
    9) Geoff - Eh. Seen his act done by others about a hundred times better.
    10) Tere - No. Just say no.

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    Final top 10. Ratings here depend upon the prize. If the prize goes to "Last Comic Standing", my list goes one way, if the prize goes to "Who do I put in a sit-com?" - list goes a whole nuther way:


    1. Dave. Best material. Wonderful, original and sincere style. Very funny around the house, concerned with keeping everyone entertained. I like that about Dave. Could easily entertain an audience for an hour unscripted. Scripted - could make me laugh forever. (And an all-around great guy - I know this first-hand.)

    2, Rich. Great material. Nice style, but not original. Second quickest wit in the house, moving up to first quickest when Dave left. Generally funny, able to laugh at himself. His fiance is a hunk.

    3. Ralphie. One of a kind. Original style, amusing material. Likely to keep an audience happy for an entire half-hour set. Maybe took himself a little too seriously. I believe he has a good heart - watching him with his (hot) girlfriend was very sweet.

    4. Cory. Didn't like her so much at first, but as she loosened up around the house, her humor became smooth. Maybe too much material about the daughter.

    5. Dat. By default. He might be able to make a meager living doing stand-up, he'll never be a star.

    6. Rob. What a sweetie. Off the wall sense of humor. His colon/semi-colon bit was funny, but I'm an editor. That may not be funny to others. I don't think Rob is edgy enough to be in stand-up, but he seems to be a genuine person. He should stick to teaching. I'd send my kids to his class.

    7. Tess. Probably funny at small parties and family reunions.

    8, 9, 10. Tere, Geoff, Sean. 3-way tie for last.

    If I were casting a sit-com:

    1. Dat. I don't like to admit it, I didn't think his material was funny. I don't think he would be fun to be around. But given the right part and good writers, he could become somewhat bearable and thus marketable.

    2. Dave. Mostly because I enjoy watching him so much. Good part, good writing (mostly his own) and the right situation - it might work. IMO, he is best suited to stand-up.

    3. Cory. She is probably mainstream enough to pull off some sort of big fat Jewish sit-com. Maybe.

    4-10. Everyone else.
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    My top 10; success top ten

    My favorite top ten were:
    1-Dave; the funniest person in the show; even the other comedians seem to agree here. Dave Rocks
    2-Rich; thought he relied on Dave, but when I heard his material, he rocks too. He doesn't stink.
    3-Rob; all around nice guy, just went with the flow, reminds me of Mitch Hedburg. Glad to see his own style coming through. Hope to see more.
    4-Ralphie; the most honest comic here, very funny material, not bad at improv. Would love to listen to these four guys riff of each other.
    5-Cory; She worked well with the coalition. Surprised me with her finale bit, but she needed to stand out more. Look forward to seeing her, Rich, and Dave tour.
    6-Tess; I'm glad the only black female didn't rely too much on black female humor, if you know what I mean. Her style was funny.
    7-Geoff; I liked Geoff, but his antics caused him not to be on camera very much I guess. I'd like to see more, he is a good vet.
    8-Sean; In retrospect, I guess he was only a jerk because of all the crap he went through, but kudos to Ralphie for calling him out. Ralphie said he was gonna do the benefit, and Sean still trash talks him.
    9-Dat; Dat was never too funny, all ethnic jokes. Got old fast. But worse yet; he was such a hypocrite. Accusing these other guys of being evil and unethical, and they were just doig what they needed to do. He wantedto be there just like them. Hes a lucky, lucky man. Without winning this, he would not gain as much as the others.
    10-Tere; I'm sorry, drop the cha-cha-cha. You could be very funny, but you overplayed being a ditz, and weren't funny in the house. Drop the act, and I'd see your new one.

    Now, the order of whos career has been helped the most, Who won the most in reality.

    1-Dave- Even not in the top 5, people talk about Dave more than anyone. Here's to the Dave and Rich show.
    2-Dat- Only because he would have had nothing otherwise. Wait for the "Pick a Color" show to happen, and fail.
    3-Rich- A very funny veteran who is able to do a lot, he could write, act, or stick to stand up. I'd watch the Rich and Dave show
    4-Ralphie- Already was doing well, but now his stand-up acts are selling out. He'll probably keep writing; he wrote for MTV's Bash.
    5-Cory- No offense to her, but she will ride the coattails of Dave and Rich for a year. Her material is good enough to stand up on its own.
    6-Rob- This isnt because I like him, but I put him over Tess because everyone like him. He was a nice guy, and people will remember his name.
    7-Tess- She knows she pulled a bad finale, but remember her for the first two weeks on the show.
    8-Geoff- Hmm...I guess Geoff goes here, to be ahead of Sean and Tere. Apparently Geoff overplayed to the cameras and lost his camera time.
    9-Sean- Repented on the show, and though it seems he still disagrees with a lot of people. I think he'll stay in the news a bit. In a sad and odd way, thats because of cancer, and his benefit thing.
    10-Tere- OK, so everyone will do good after the show. But Tere's bit landed her on the low list of people's favorites. Maybe in a half hour bit, that would be funny. Its not me; but I wish her luck.

    In conclusion, Dave and Rich, please work together. Professionally. Hope to see Rob more, and Ralphie is the most straightforward guy in the show. It was a great show, thanks Jay Mohr, and while the winner sucks, I hope to see an LCS2
    Last edited by Wolf; 08-07-2003 at 02:51 AM. Reason: *removed insult to fans of Dat

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    10. Tess - Couldn't stand her. She acted too arrogant on the show
    9. Tere - Not that funny
    8. Dat - Reused lame jokes, didn't really make me laugh
    7. Sean - I forgot what he did...
    6. Cory - ...meh
    5. Geoff - Tried too hard
    4. Robert - Pretty funny
    3. Rich - Funny both on and off the stage
    2. Ralphie - Very good stand up, controls the crowd well
    1. Dave - I was in hysterics during his set

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