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Thread: *Please read me!*

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    *Please read me!*

    I know this show's almost over, and you guys are running out of things to talk about...

    BUT, almost every thread in here is so far off topic, you can't even see it from where it is. Most of the conversation is silly, meaningless, *private* conversation that belongs in private messages.

    The rest of the conversation is stuff that doesn't pertain at all to LCS, and that means it doesn't belong in this forum.

    We have many other forums. In our General Discussion forum, we have threads to talk about people's avatar selection, their signature lines, etc. We have a Movie and Music forum. And so on.

    Please use the right forum, the right thread, and keep threads on-topic and relevant. I'm getting a little sick of having to keep deleting messages in all the threads several times a day in an attempt to keep things on topic. So, help me out. If your message gets deleted, it means you've wasted your own time typing it, and my time to delete it.


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