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Thread: Reality Show ballot stuffing: fair, unfair or just plain unavoidable?

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    But being blue is more work.
    Quote Originally Posted by Krom
    In my heart of hearts I think SNL should have stopped as soon as the original cast left. Most people don't.
    Holy crap - that's still on the air?!!! *hasn't seen the far side of 10pm in four years unless he's writing a recap*

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    Quote Originally Posted by Krom
    Answer to carrera: It does give you a winner, clearly enough, based on the rules they laid out. What it doesn't give you is any kind of "mandate", not only because of the lack of a majority, but also because of the various reasons people may have had to vote for their choice.
    Thanks for clarifying. I have no problem with Dat winning, I just don't think such a wide margin is a clear indication of popularity. This would go for anyone who won, not just Dat.

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