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Thread: LCS Contestants - Comedy Club Appearances

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    Just saw Rich, Dave and Cory in Chicago. They were AWESOME!!! I won't repeat any jokes for anyone who hasn't seen them live yet, but they were hysterical and well worth the price of admission. We met them afterwards and they were very nice to all the butt-kissers, I mean fans.

    I took a picture with Dave and he told me I smell nice. I was all flattered and he said "Rich smells like sausage." So I leaned over and smelled Rich's shoulder, and Rich was like WTF?! I said, "Dave says you smell like sausage." (he doesn't) and Rich says, "Well, not there!" Then I took a picture with Rich, kissing him on the cheek. I don't think he liked that my lipstick left a mark, but he wasn't complaining too much

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    Ralphie May at the Sahara Las Vegas

    MIKE WEATHERFORD: 'Last Comic Standing' runner-up coming to Sahara


    You can't beat the impact of three or four Howard Stern mentions to promote a Las Vegas gig, even if "Last Comic Standing" finalist Ralphie May's upcoming stint at the Sahara came before any official word here in town.

    May is the 300-pound runner-up and presumed favorite in NBC's summer game/reality show. On the live circuit, few would argue that he doesn't generate a higher level of consumer interest than the surprise winner, Dat Phan.

    The comedian is going to work the Sahara's upstairs Congo Room Oct. 21-Nov. 16, in a 10 p.m. time slot following the ongoing oldies package of Platters, Coasters and Drifters spin-off groups at 8 p.m. Two other "Last Comic" finalists also may be on the bill.

    May and Stern repeatedly mentioned the gig on the national radio show that's carried locally on KXTE-FM 107.5. The delays on this end have been over billing and what type of ongoing comedy showcase the booking could lead to, says promoter Bill Caron.

    Caron also produces the 8 p.m. oldies show, and says he would like to keep the 10 p.m. comedy slot going with other "Last Standing" comics. Comedian Jay Mohr is the executive producer of "Last Comic," and Caron promotes Mohr's stand-up dates at Paris Las Vegas.

    Their relationship opens the door to an official use of the "Last Comic" name, versus an "as seen on" billing. What Caron is not interested in is another comedy club format, he says. Any ongoing effort would be marketed more as a show rather than as a venue with a weekly lineup. ...

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    I saw Dave, Rich, and Cory live tonight, I took lots of pictures and videos but my camera decided to screw me right after the show and wiped the memory. I was so pissed!

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    Just saw the Tagi Alliance in St. Louis. It was Dave/Rich/Cory with Dave coming back and doing 5 min between Rich and Cory. Dave started weak then pulled it around to totally kill. Rich did the total ethnic thing, played on the fact that only 3 people in the audience weren't WASP. Cory played it more sophisticated and slowly won over the night with her "Bitch with a Heart of Gold" demeanor. Rich loved picking on the loud, drunk a*hole in the front row. "Here's a brochure. Come to a meeting."

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    Dave, re: the Police

    Dave said he likes to keep at least one oustanding warrant against himself. His truck breaks down so often, the only way the police will stop and help him is if he has outstanding warrants. Sure, it's a night in jail, but at least he gets a free tow and a ride to bed (albeit in jail). In the long run, it's cheaper.

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    Cool, I've seen them twice now, both time a guest of Dave Mordal (Free Tix). I hope to go a third time where Dave is the headliner, so far its been Rich and Cory as headliners.

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    I got free Ralphie May tickets, valentine's Day Weekend, him and his girlfriend, Lahna !!!

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    Seeing Mordal, Vos, and Kahaney for the 3rd time. yeah!

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