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Thread: Who's Performance In the Finale Most Changed Your Mind About Them

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    I'm a minority, too.

    I like Ralphie most and here is why. Not only did I watch the show, but I had a house full of teenagers with me. They laughed more during Ralphie's set than at any other time during the evening. I did, too, actually.

    Dat left me a bit flat. After last week's AWESOME performance, I was hoping for one of those. One of those would have nailed the coffin shut on this baby. It would have been his.

    Rich was okay. Nothing spectacular for me, but alright. Tess was okay, as well. I actually found the raunchy humor funny and enjoyed her delivery. I think based on what I see here I am wayyyyyy in the minority on that one. Cory was good, too. Not great, but good. She had a killer closing line.

    Hard call, really. Everyone was fun to an extent but no one blew me away.

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    Thanks CashMoneySoviet.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kinnison
    Tess was ..bad. I thought she might blow me away but she sucked. WTF was up with the voice she stuck to the whole time? oh well.
    She sounded like Gary Coleman!.
    I thought Tess' performance was the worst. Ralphie's set was not as good as I expected. He stayed on the "no war for oil" too long. Dat was okay. Rich was way too nervous. Cory surprised me the most. She looked very confident. She was much more comfortable than on Carson Dailey. Perhaps because she had the benefit of seeing all the others first and realized that they weren't that good.

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    Missin Dave
    I think that Dat changed my opinion. I was starting to think that maybe Dat was done with the whole "make fun of my mother" thing....but he proved me wrong again. he repeated some of his material...which wasn't even that good to begin with!

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    It's too bad, but most of you and I as well felt most changed about Tess. I expected her to be herself, but edgey. Instead, well, I just didn't like her bit at all. And you've got to figure that she's picking her best stuff to do in that kind of forum. Maybe she went that route b/c she knew that all the comics would have to use clean(er) material to make it on tv (sensors) and she wanted to be the most risque??

    My opinion wasn't changed completely on Ralphie, but I was surprised that he didn't know when to move on. It was a good, ironic bit he was doing--kill for gas--but after the joke and the ultimately point was made--he started to seem like a loon. (More, he was wasting time--he could have added more substance.)

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    Ralphie, without a doubt.

    I had gone into last night's show thinking I would probably vote for Vos, but Ralphie had a lot of energy and a great set. And the Brooding Bumpkin loved it as well.

    Many here didn't like his set for the content - but keep in mind Ralphie was before an audience which was responding well to his comments. If he had said "light 'em up" the first time and was met with a wall of blank stares, or boos, he probably would have finished his set with different jokes.

    Remember, they gave Ralphie a standing ovation before his set was over - and he had to break thru that to be sure to get his set in.

    On the converse, Tess was the biggest disappointment.

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    I am going to have to say Cory. Hilarious! Before last night, I never thought her particulary funny. I was pleasantly surprised. I thought Tess would be funnier. Dat was his best againt Geoff.

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    Missin Dave
    OK....did anyone keep in mind that Rich even said he was nervous an going to have a bad set...we've seen them all perform before...so that should count for something...Ralphie is energetic....but Rich is hilarious

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    Quote Originally Posted by Teppo
    She sounded like Gary Coleman!.
    I thought Tess' performance was the worst.
    OMG soooo true

    Good ear, Teppo!!!

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    Well, Tess was a let-down, but that may be due to unrealistic expectations on my part. I LOVE a diva! Just don't get the stripper/diva connection, I guess.

    I'd have to say Ralphie was the most surprising. I'm kind of a peacenik myself, but I thought he was a riot. The "Angry Comic" isn't really my favorite kind of humor (more of a Dave Mordal, Midwestern, let's get loopy kind of fan), but Ralphie had energy and verve. Maybe my age is showing, but I figure politics to be fair game for comics. I thought Ralphie was daring and pulled it off, and I respect that--although I would cringe from a politician saying the same thing. A fine job of offending the self-righteous. I love it when comics do that.

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