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Thread: Who's Performance In the Finale Most Changed Your Mind About Them

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    my opinions:
    I thought that Dat would have been better than he was. the problem is that his jokes are seemingly only effective the first time, so hearing them again was a bit of a let down.

    Vos to me stood out. maybe its the time in my life, but they apealed to me more.

    Cory just seemed a bit too bitter, like she needs a decent relationship in her life.... geez.

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    My Two Cents Worth

    In order of appearance...


    Ralphie took the stage and rocked the mic yet again...I have read how some of you didn't like Ralphie's bit, but to me when a comic can completely change his material from one set to the next, they are a true comic. Ralphie's performance last night just reemphasized the fact that he is the best comic, the professional, and deserves to be "The Last Comic Standing"...


    Dat needs new material...as Dave said before, if he knew that talking and making fun of Dat's mother could have secured him a spot in the house, he'd have made fun of his father...I mean c'mon, how many times can you play on your mother and think it to be funny? Dat lost in my eyes to Dave, he hands down beat Geoff, but it should have never came to that...if Dat wins, my taste in comedy just hit the pot...


    Wha? Same material used in the semi's? Almost if not all...I believed her to be the biggest threat to Ralphie, but after last night's performance, I consider her no threat at all...


    Until last night, I wasn't sure about Rich...he has that snappy witty humor. He's the type that can quickly drop a line on you in casual everyday conversation that will cause you to blow whatever you are drinking at the time out of your nose...It was clear that he was overly nervous and rightly so, His opening bit of how he'd like to thank the comics that opened up for him was good, I thought to myself he's going to crack the crowd, but it seemed he never settled his nerves down...I found some of his stuff funny but to be up against Ralphie, destiny was already determined...


    Overall, she was good...to me she wasn't any funnier or less funny than before...the bit about the two guys discussing the orgasm in the restaurant and the punchline she delievered was hilarious but that was her only moment for me, the only time I laughed out loud...

    In summary


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    Personally I was disappointed with every set. I guess I was just expecting high-quality acts from the "best 5", but I felt that for the most part there were funnier things said by each of them in the past weeks than what we saw last night. Am I the only one that was amazed by how bad the routines were for such an important night??

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    I was disappointed with all. Their nervousness came through, and I can excuse them for thet, but it screwed with some people's timing. There were either too many pauses (Tess, Cory, Dat) or not enough (Ralphie).

    Ralphie: I actually liked his rant, but it was just a rant. It had some funny lines, but if I want to listen to a guy rail about gas prices I can call my father-in-law. I won't even get into the inaccuracies of the war comments, but whatever. His first round stuff was better and I missed that.

    Dat: So sick of the "funny" mom crap. He jumps too much between subjects and there's no transition. Did anyone notice that whenever he wasn't getting laughs he'd revert back to a mom joke? Ugh.

    Tess: She. was. so. slow. And boring. She dwelled too much on one subject and I don't know, maybe my expectations were too high. Couple of good ones, though.

    Cory: Most Improved Player. She brought a good set.

    Vos: I like his set, but he seemed nervous. Other than that, he and Cory were best tonight. His stuff was at least funny, relatable and non-offensive.

    But the thing that stood out the most? How much I MISS DAVE!

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    Overall, Ralphie's delivery was funny up to a point, but I didn't agree with what he was saying, so it didn't win me over. I still think he's a hell of a comedian, but that set didn't do it for me.
    See, I knew it. You can talk about Ralphie's cheap appeals to patriotism, but this is the kind of thing that can COST you as many votes as it wins you. Political humor is a dangerous path.

    And I gotta agree with the majority about Cory. She really showed me, more than anyone, what they had last night. I'm gonna get another e-mail address and pump in a few more votes for Cory.

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    Cory...was the biggest surprise. I just didn't think she was in the top 10 to make it in the house, but I was very disappointed Lang Parker didn't make it. However, last night Cory proved she had the right stuff and deserved to be there.

    Way to go Cory...you did yourself proud.

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    Pleasantly Surprised

    I'm coming out of longtime lurkdom for this, but I went into last night's show rooting for Rich. He was my favorite around the house and I didn't expect much from anyone else, but I have to say Ralphie really won me over. His material was fresh and he didn't play it safe. His energy was great and I was laughing for his entire set. My jaw just about hit the floor when he came out with the "1 down, 15 to go." line because I thought he HAD to know he was alienating a substantial portion of the voting audience, but he went out there to be himself instead of just winning votes. He made me laugh and earned my respect.

    Whoever wins this thing, now I know that Ralphie May, Rich Voss, Dave Mordal, and Rob Cantrell are out there. I'll be much more likely to catch their shows locally when they hit the road, and frankly next week's episode will be pretty irrelevant. I already know who my winners are.

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    Welcome Ima_Nanamoose!

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    Quote Originally Posted by JULIE816
    Dat used his mother accent with different jokes. Also, he added some new jokes.
    But, then he ended w/his crossing the street bit that he used in one of his showdowns. I like him, but it seems that if he did his whole routine, it would take about 15 minutes...

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    Up until last night's show, I though Tess was funny. I thought she was one-note, but funny. Last night, she showed me she's not.

    Up until last night, I thought all Cory was good for was being a soldier in the Don's Army. Nope. She's funny. Go fig.
    Blogging away in my LaughAtlantis world...

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