View Poll Results: Who will you vote for on Tuesday?

78. You may not vote on this poll
  • Cory Kahaney

    7 8.97%
  • Ralphie May

    13 16.67%
  • Dat Phan

    20 25.64%
  • Rich Vos

    35 44.87%
  • Tess

    3 3.85%
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Thread: Who Will You Vote For?

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    Missin Dave
    Quote Originally Posted by SiraK 987
    Ditto. I think it was a tie between Dave and Rich. But obviously I wont be voting for Dave. I figure Rich, out the remaining people, deserves it the most and in my opinon is the funniest. Plus, you know if he got a show Dave would end up on it somehow. It just wouldnt be right without him.

    I miss Dave.


    I'm starting to think I'm the only person that likes Cory.
    I like Cory some what......if you want to see those two on a show together..... you can start mailing letters to
    Viewer Relations
    30 Rockefeller Plaza
    New York, NY 10112
    asking if theres going to be a show with them every day. lol. i send about 10 a day with diff names on

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    I think this poll needs an option like "will wait till the show ends to decide". Many of us have said we'll only vote for the one who makes us laugh the most tonight. Or we could have a "who DID you vote for?" poll after the show airs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by senrik
    . If I cant decide at that point, well I'll haveta do things the scientific way. EEEENY MEEENY MIIIINY MOOOE.

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    Quote Originally Posted by film_tv_girl

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    Quote Originally Posted by zapata
    Tess gets my vote. If she delivers, she'll win.

    Diddo Zapata I hope she pulls it out for all the crap she takes on this board?

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    dvm is offline
    Get off the hate train.
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    Why can't I vote more than once on this thing

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    Quote Originally Posted by Krom
    Been using the Internet since 1992, kiddo, and BBSes for way before that (pictures of dinosaurs roaming the earth). The lol and rofl is pretty second nature, I guess. Its the use of abbreviations in messageboards that's a bit weird for me. They've always taken after BBSes more than IRC/IM type stuff, which was when most of those shorthands developed, in fact, the longer I've used them the more I've seen a return back to normal english, especially since the emoticons have taken over a lot of the lol type stuff.

    Just bitching for the sake of feeling old, probably. I'm become a language snob in my old age, even if I type like crap and make a million typos.

    And I'm thining even more about my potential Tess vote. I'm still going that way until persuaded out of it by a performance. I need a starting point, and if I discount early feelings of exasperation at her Diva stuff, she's been the longest without pissing me off.
    Good for you Krom! I'm hoping that she delivers tonight! because she has got my vote and everybody I can call!

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    Quote Originally Posted by dvm
    Why can't I vote more than once on this thing
    Then this vote would be as bogus as the 2000 elections.... silly.

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    Newbie here!

    I'm voting for Vos because Dave told me to.

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    I think it's interesting that Rich is winning here in the poll. He's the only comic in the Vegas odds whose odds got worse than when the show first started. He went from 7/1 to 12/1. Everyone else went in the opposite direction. Even Cory's odds of winning got better. That's weird because if people are reacting to the coalition, then Cory's chances would also lessen, but they haven't, and I don't think anyone sees Rich worse than Cory as far as the "coalition" goes. You could also say it's because no one has seen his act, but then that would have apply to Tess as well, and yet she too has improved in the odds.

    Maybe people here know something the rest don't and a big upset is in store. I guess we'll see.

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