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Thread: Things you would never hear a LCS contestant say

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    LOL. SO SO SORRY... Vos is a wise man, and he would never say it. I think that speaks for itself.

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    Ralphie: anyone wanna finish my fries?

    Geoff: NBC brass said that without me, LCS would be ratings poison.

    'I think i'll just wing it next time' was one of my faves but theres so many funny lines in this thread!

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    Quote Originally Posted by evilmonkey1686
    :O BLASHPHEMY!! even if you are pretending someone else said it...
    that smiley face wasnt wut i expected... maybe i shoulda used a "0" instead of an "O"

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    Quote Originally Posted by holiday
    Ralphie: anyone wanna finish my fries?

    Geoff: NBC brass said that without me, LCS would be ratings poison.

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    Vos to Ralphie: "My girlfriend is hotter than yours."

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    LMAO! I never wouldve thought of that

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    Quote Originally Posted by zapata
    Cory- "Sure, Tere, you can masturbate, it's your room, too"
    Bleh - and right when I was sitting down to dinner.

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    THATS JUST WRONG! Take that back now!

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    Rich, Dave: "Ralphie, come join us in the tub."

    Cory- "God, no, Tere, it doesn’t bother me at all you always forget to flush the toilet."

    Dat- "Margaret Cho? Who’s that? I don’t think I’ve ever caught her act."

    Geoff, Tess, Dat- "Okay, time to gang up on the honkies"

    Cory- "Everyone, stay where you are! Leave those dishes to me!!"

    Dave: "Jay Mohr, you haven’t said anything funny since you’ve been here! I’m hosting this show next time!"

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    Nice topic

    This is a great topic, it feels great to be able to manipulate our contestants! Muhaha

    Dave: Okay, WHO left the toilet seat up... er... I mean to say there are women in this house too!

    Dave: Stop it, NOW, Rich! You're so damn silly.

    Dave: *In a ditzy blonde voice* I'm so wasted! I'm soooo wasted!

    Dave: Rich, I'm not gay. Look into my eyes. Would these eyes lie to you? *Wink*

    Dat: You know how funny it would be if I beat a 20 year veteran right now? How about it, Vos. You scared, you scared huh?! Anyway, Dave, there's a nice sunset tonight, what do you think about a duel?

    Dat: Cory, if I may input, I don't want this show falling into the wrong hands. Did I mention you have big knockers?

    Dat: Everyone simply hates me because I'm black!
    Ralphie: Walk a mile in my shoes, then you'll know how it feels to be black.
    Geoff: Am I the only white person in this house?

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