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Thread: The truth about the Dat/Dave showdown

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    Quote Originally Posted by Julie
    If you're basing Steve Martin's funniness (is that a word? Oh well, it is now) on that one skit then you're missing out on a lot. Martin is brilliant.
    I've seen a lot of his work. I just never 'got' it. Then again, there are many 'gifted' comedians (and comediennes) whose act I didn't 'get'. I'm obtuse that way.

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    I think you had to be there. Martin was a sensation when he first started out and I thought he was brilliant. Looking at his stuff today, I don't know why I thought it was so funny. But it was then.

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    Again, it is pointed out how comedy is SUBJECTIVE!! This talk about Steve Martin is just furthering the point!! I think he is hilarious...in just about all he does. The Jerk-Hilarious, his standup-Hilarious, Vinny in "My Blue Heaven"-hilarious. Yeah, it might not be funny the 10th time around, but still, the guy, to me, is funny. Just like with LCS. I have my preferences. I preferred Dave. I dont think Dat is unfunny, I just think Dave is funnier. Ralphie too. And Rich. Tess, I can take or leave. She makes me chuckle. Who is this Geoff person?? havent seen enough of his stuff to really say "yea or nay" Corey makes me laugh too. I would say I think Dat is funnier than her. I dont think many would have been as disappointed if Dat had chosen Corey to go against and he had beat her.
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    Quote Originally Posted by zapata
    I think you had to be there. Martin was a sensation when he first started out and I thought he was brilliant. Looking at his stuff today, I don't know why I thought it was so funny. But it was then.
    His monologue for the Oscars was very funny and he was funny in Planes, Trains and Automobiles. That's really it, IMHO.

    Back to Dat/Dave:

    You can't write Dat off to be a complete failure yet, we are still very unaware of his talents. He might be hysterical come showdown time! As I've said in other threads, the best is really yet to come for him... as well as everyone else for that matter. It's a bit hasty to jump and write him off as a complete ratings-sinker for NBC... 1. Because he hasn't won (yet haha) 2. We didn't see his entire 10 minute set to accurately judge. I mean the kid did beat Dave by a whopping 40% margin.

    So let's just back off Dat-hating for now.

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    plains trains and automobiles is a hilarious movie

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    I meant, looking at his 70's STUFF today I don't think it's that funny- the Sat. Night live stand-up- but I find his movies still funny and I think he did a good oscar job as well.

    I thought his King Tut was a gas back then, I saw it recently and thought "oh- well, that's cute, but..."

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    Quote Originally Posted by Krom
    Lets take this a bit further. If Dat has 10 hilarious minutes he graphs and charts and uses over and over till he perfects it, and Mordal has... lets say an hour or so of stuff he spreads over multiple acts of varying quality... does it REALLY answer who is ultimately the better comic?


    One thing in favor of Dave (not in winning that standup, but in the long run) is that he basically only has to talk for something funny to come out. Dat has to plot and plan.

    So while this may solve the "mystery" of why the audience voted as they did, it does little to give us any ultimate answer about their futures or total talent. Those arguments will continue to go on here and in bars through America for... lets say a week after the show is over and everyone gets bored.

    This may be a minor flaw in the show formula, but hey, its reality TV not reality.
    Your right, it's been about a week and I have gone back to getting regular email instead of hate-mail on the website.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LaughAtlantis

    I think NBC is relatively confident, given what they've shown to the audience, that they've set Ralphie, Rich or Tess up to win.
    If they are trying to set them up to win why do they consistently show them in a bad light? Especially Tess.

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    its going to be ralphie or dat, simple as that!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Candy
    Zapata, why do you think Rob's material might be too "out there?" I admit, I didn't pay much attention to him early in the show, but he seemed like a PG-13 kinda guy for the most part. What did I miss? Should I start calling him Raunchy Rob?

    I don't know- I could just imagine him comparing something to a huge vagina with him getting his head stuck in it- Not "dirty" jokes, but I could see where he could be explicit about semen or something that might make NBC censors cringe.

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