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Thread: You are the Coalition. What do you do now?

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    You are the Coalition. What do you do now?

    The strategy is shot to hell, and one of the strongest comics has been surprisingly ousted. You're in trouble. What's the plan.

    I don't know what they did, but I know what would be the number one priority if I was there: GET DAT OUT. NOW. It's not only personal; he is the number one threat and he needs to be removed before you get to the finale.

    The thing is, though, I have no idea how you would do that. Ralphie, and possibly Rich, are in my opinion the only ones who are strong enough to take him out.

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    I dont think they really have to worry about strategy at this point. The strategizing was only good for the first 4 episodes as they whittled the comics down to 6. It is my understanding--from the previews for next week--that next weeks episode will have NO exemption, and that all of the comics will go head to head to head to head to head to head and the last place finisher will be eliminated. They dont vote for each other anymore. I could be wrong.

    Then, the final 5 will have a show where they all bring their A-material and WE, the viewing public, will decide who is the LAST...COMIC...STANDING.

    Like I said, I could be wrong
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    I'd go to Disneyland. That would be my plan.

    Ever wonder if maybeeeee there is a smaller coalition WITHIN the coalition that was hoping this would come to pass???

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