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Thread: What IS the ultimate goal for a stand-up?

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    Quote Originally Posted by evilmonkey1686
    i think that they all ganged up on Dat about him wanting to be a sitcom star is that taht was ALL he wanted to do. he didnt care about stand up(to them of course, i dont know the guy so i have no idea).
    Hell, I would like my own sit-com. Anyone from NBC listening?????

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    stand up.

    Quote Originally Posted by LaughAtlantis
    It seems like Dat has gotten a lot of flak from other comics for wanting to use stand-up as a jumping-off point to an acting career. But as a member of the viewing audience, I don't understand why that's such a bad thing. So many comics have moved from stand-up to bigger things - Steve Martin, Martin Short, Robin Williams, Janeane Garofalo, Ellen DeGeneres, just to name a random few.

    Maybe other comics don't take offense at that because those guys do still do stand-up, to a certain extent, though Lord knows their big money comes from movies & television. But it all begs the question, what the heck do stand-ups really want to do? What's the end goal, if it's NOT acting?

    More than one person has said that Dave's a better writer than Dat. Is it okay if Dave takes that writing talent to another arena and writes for a sitcom? Is that a respectable goal?

    Or is the goal for a comic just supposed to be 'being a headliner'? And why is it that comics (at least, the handful on LCS) seem to feel that this is the only valid goal to have?

    Maybe this post is best answered by Ralphie, I don't know, but any thoughts?
    I think great stand-up comics can make about $500-1 million year doing road shows, not to mention endorsment deals. It's not bad. If you're a comic/actor though, there probably isn't a limit on how much you can make.

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    I think the other comics were riding Dat about the sit-com because he didn't seem to care what kind of sit-com too. I mean, I think Dat would gladly be in the remake of 3's Company (Dat in the Chrissy Snow role). He doesn't want to be on the road, he doesn't want to write new material...
    OTOH, I can't picture anyone finding fault with Jay Mohr's short lived sit com Action (except that it was too short lived). It was funny, original, etc.
    Isn't talk show host one of the goals too? a la Leno? Then you'd get to do standup every night for a huge audience AND crazy hollywood money!

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