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Thread: 7/15 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

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    Jericho. Yup. Moot. I should stop drinking when I write these posts. On the other hand... It's time for another beer...

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    Quote Originally Posted by freebiesite
    JMO>>>hasn't Margaret Cho done the whole "mother" thing about her Korean mother..the voices, the "yelling" etc>>?? done it for years?? she even had a short lived tv show called american girl I think???

    dat wasnt all that funny...dave really funny guy and deserves a tv show....dave has this "honestly disgusted" look about him...his little remarks in the house cracked me up
    Margerate Cho and Dat's material are very different. A lot of people emulate their mothers or other relatives, you can't call him a hack for that. If you aren't I apologize.

    As for "honestly disgusted," I have heard many bitter and "honestly disgusted" looking comics. One comes to mind right away, Lamont Ferguson.

    Comics are bitter in general. They have something to say. Sometimes it's funny, sometimes it's not. I enjoyed both sets.

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    Despite it all, the show has been fun. The controversy has been fun too. Face it, we love to hate. We love to squabble. And this stuff is all entertaining. Obviously, whoever wins LCS isn't the funniest in America. But it's fun to watch anyway. I'm a huge fan of standup, so I watch to argue about it later. Plus, I've seen a few of these comics live: Dat Phan, Dave Mordal, Rich Voss. So I feel like I know them. You know how that is. I wonder how America's is liking this, I mean these people who don't watch standup regularly, if this entertaining to the country? Because I'm sure that anyone who posts on this site is either a huge standup fan, knows some of the comedians, or maybe is an aspriring comedian themselves. Anyways, come to NYC, we've got some of the best standup around nightly!

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    Well, I'm not an aspring comedian. I don't know any of these comics. I've only gone once to a standup comedy show. But I still love this show because it makes me laugh, it's a reality tv show, and its got drama!

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