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Thread: Thoughs on the Final 2

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    My picks are Dave and Ralphie. Dave is extremely funny. Really, really funny. And although I don't find Ralphie as funny (for me personally), the crowds just love the heck out of him.

    I thnk that Geoff and Dat (in either order) will be the next to leave. I was surprised that both of them made it to the finals (and I was surprised when Sean was named for the finals also). Cory is very funny but not very likable; Tess is extremely likeable, but only so-so on funny. Rich is funny but superior. People don't like that.

    Is that everybody? Oh--I wasn't big on Tess--sort of funny, kind of likeable, but what was her hair message? I never get stuff like that.

    And Rob. My heartthROB. Despite my love for Rob, I think that Dave is the funniest. Rob should have been in the top 4 or 5, but he's just too nice a guy to force Cory to burn up her material on another set or, well, I don't know why it would have been ungentlemanly to pick Tess, but he didn't.

    That's my analysis. Dave and Rob--sorry--Ralphie in the final. Could be Vos, but I think he won't make it.

    P.S. Miss Rob. --sob--

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    disco stu
    My personal favorites are Dave and Rich. Those are the two I'd LIKE to see in the finals. Who do I THINK will be the final two? Ralphie and Tess.
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    I like Ralphie so I don't mind him being in the final two, but Tess, please God, don't let her go that far. That would be a travesty!

    Welcome Disco Stu!

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    I think Ralphie and Tess will make it to the end. And I'm rootin for Tess to win because she is one funny lady.

    I don't think Dat will last much longer, I'm afraid and neither will Geoff or Cory. :nono

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    Well, after watching the show last night, and having a chance to see Rob on stage, I would have loved to have seen a Dave/Rob final two. That would have been my best case scenario. Now that Rob is out, I'm back to rooting for a Dave/Rich final two.

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    I'm pretty sure that Dave and Rich will make it to the final two. They were my prediction from the beginning, and nothing I've seen has swayed my opinion.

    I think Cory will be the next to go, as I think she will be one of the members to gang up on Dat, he will challenge her, and then beat her. I then see Dat and Geoff being the next two to go, in any order. Then, I believe Tess or Ralphie will bow out in fourth, I say maybe Ralphie because, while I don't find her funny at all, I have a feeling that a female comic will make the final three. Then Rich and Dave will make it to the final two, and between them, I have no clue who will win.

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    Dave and Ralphie. That's my pick.

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    twisty goo
    But will there be a final two? They said next week is the last head-to-head, so we don't know what happens after that. There might be a final 6. Dave's the funniest of them all, but I'm scared Tess might win. She has a more likable personality.

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    you're scared about that? That's what I'm hoping for . . .

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    It really doesn't matter because Dat is going to win!!!!

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