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Thread: Episode Five: The Bringer Show

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    Rob's act is a lot like his booth interviews, kind of grinning and smirking. he's kind of stonerey. I've seen him live a few times though, and was excited that he made it into the house. Tangerine, there is No Way that tere would have beat Rob. Tere couldn't have beaten me. She was a wreck. Every time I've seen Rob, he's been the opening comic, but I think that soon, he'll be the headliner.Go Rob!!

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    Im not saying that she would have beaten him, but Im saying she may have stood a better chance. But anyway Tere wasnt that funny so either way She would leave the house and its better sooner than later I say. The thing with Rob is.....his jokes are really bad but the way he says them makes him funny. Sometimes kind of akward funny..sometimes just "What the..?" funny but yeah. o.o;

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    Call me Rob, Call me Bob, Call me Robert, but never call me Bobert. That's not cool---Rob Cantrell
    That's funny.
    Is that something Rob said during one of the shows you saw, Jericho?

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    Yeah, Wolf.

    His shows are awesome. One of the reasons I like him so much is that he doesn't try to hard. look at all the scheming going on in the house while Rob sits idly by. Thats kind of like his show. Look at Dat or Ralphie, or Rich. They're funny, but they try to make their set like one long story. Rob's just a kick back comic. He's awesome, Wolf. You'll see

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    I'm looking forward to seeing more of Rob. I do like his quirkiness, and he also seems like a nice decent guy.

    A lot of comics have their own way of presenting their routines on stage. As far as Dat, Ralphie, and Rich, I really don't care how they come up with their stand-up routine or that it's one long story as long as the end result makes me laugh.

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    Rob is definitely cool alright. But Ralphie, Dat and Rich have their moments too. As far as "story" sets versus one-liner type stuff, it's all subjective. So one guy's preference is just as good as another. The former, however, is considered modern stand-up and the quickie stuff, old school.

    One reason Rob is great is he's the only one on the show doing it. If all the other comics did the same thing -- the monotony would kill you! Before the advent of modern stand up, most comics were very similar. Bob Hope. Henny Youngman. Shecky Greene. They had their individual hooks. But other than that the material was generic.

    Then Lenny Bruce, George Carlin, Richard Pryor came along and changed all that. Personally, I think it's creative to tell jokes in the form of a story....and I'm also bored out of my mind..hence the reason for this exhaustive post.


    Rob technically uses a modified set...combination of both old and new I think....

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    Extremely well put, Mojo. You're a grat addition to the boards.

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    It ain't easy being green Wayner's Avatar
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    But being blue is more work.
    Just wanted to give a quick welcome to Mojo, Jericho, and any of the other new folk that I've not said hi to. Great to have you all here!

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    Finally had time to read your recap Wayner. As always, vunderbar!!!! Once again, the Groucho glasses strike...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Wayner
    Glad you liked it Tangerinejoy!

    You know, I'm not quite sure how Rob will do in a challenge. I think he may be funnier than we're giving him credit for. He's certainly nutty enough in the voting booth. I don't know how he'll do in a challenge with the remaining contestants, but I think he would have beaten Tere. We'll never know.
    I like Rob. I think he will be funny if he is challenged. He is a pretty low keyed fella and on this show that might be smart. Look at Dat .. He has done got a coalition against him. Poor little fellow. I sure hope he wins immunity or if not ... I hope he kicks some comic bootie

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